War Pensions Link to Earnings - RBL Campaign


RBL are campaigning for the link to be restored between war pensions and earnings.
From the RBL website:

Many older veterans are living on very low incomes. Our Welfare Department has commissioned research which shows that around 900,000 people in the ex-Service community are living on a net income of less than £5,000 per year.

The Government has set out in their Pensions White Paper that they will re-link the Basic State Pension to earnings by 2012. The Prime Minister said so again in his speech at the Labour Party conference:

“10 years ago I would have described re-linking the Basic State Pension with earnings as ‘Old Labour’. Our aim is by 2012, but by the end of the next Parliament at the latest – we are going to do it.”

We think the same should be true for War Pensioners. We are asking the Government to re-link War Pensions with earnings. Please add your name to this petition to show your support.

To sign the campaign:



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