War Pensions - Compaired to American Veterans payments

British War Pensions - Compaired to American Veterans payments and services.

Do you know if you during service ? You had you arms and legs blown off and became deaf,dumb and blind due to the said conact with the enemy.
You total pension would about £140 that is assuming that the War pension will give a 100% war pension !

Do you also know that if you had all those injuries mentioned above and you devoloped a further problem due to the said conact you can not claim.

The Americans beat us hands down when it comes to looking after its veterans. They have a knock on the door policy were a veteran turns up with an appoitment and is given the best treatment at the Vetrans Hospital.

The Americans have grants and loans for Veterans, sadly we have to beg for money !

When you think that the British forces have fought in more campaigns since ww2 than any other army you would think we would have the best PTSD treatment hopitals for veterans !

I think we lads and ladies need to get a fair deal.

A WW2 Veteran said something to me when I was in a clinic for Anxiety management, he said "Did you give the army a 100% when you served ?" I said yes he replied "If you have to end up getting PTSD treatment then you get a 100% treatment from the Government".

He is right ! Please I know about Combat stress,but they are a restbite centres and not a full treatment centres, with full time psychiatrist and mental health staff.

Combat stress will write a letter to your doctor and state you should get further treatment from the NHS.

I was told by the NHS "Your PTSD is so bad we do not have the experienced staff to treat you".

So why do we not have a PTSD Veterans hospital ? Why is Falklands veterans waiting 9 months for skin repair to an amputated leg.

We need special veterans hospitals that will be in tune with the veterans needs and the veterans way of thinking.

I was once told when I was homeless after being taken to the local pyschiatric hospital because I was in a bad way , what I am going to state now was said to me a by NHS psychiatrst " Are you here because you are homelss ex soldier and want bed and breakfast ?" True no Bull it was said ot me . I grabbed him by the collar and screamed at him I needed help, I pushed him back into his fancy leather executive chair and went back on the streets again.

I am not special but I do think we need to have veterans hospitals that understand us, and as veterans we like to be around other veterans !

have a look at the american services before post a reply to my bulletin http://www.va.gov .

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