war pensions..Announced today...applicable to AFCS NOT WAR PENSIONERS PRE 2005


Below statement released yesterday applys to AFCS and not war pensioners pre 2005..seems unjust that not applicable to one and not the other when war pensioners have to keep jumping through hoops to retain care component from DLA soon to be PIP.In my opinion it needs to across the board .

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:

"I am delighted that, in addition to tax-free payments from the MOD's Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, seriously injured serving personnel and veterans will also be able to avoid the unnecessary duplication of reassessments and receive disability benefits via these new arrangements.

"These brave individuals have served their country with honour and it is only right and proper that they receive financial support to help them with injuries caused by their service."

Recognising the considerable sacrifice made by a number of courageous members of the Armed Forces who have been injured as a result of their service, the Government has decided to put in place special arrangements for these personnel to help them cover the ongoing costs of their injuries.

Rather than face separate assessments these individuals will automatically be entitled to payments to help with the additional costs associated with their injuries. Eligibility for these payments will be linked to their Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) awards and the payments will provide financial reassurance for the future.

Those currently in receipt of an AFCS award for serious injury and Disability Living Allowance will also benefit from the arrangements.
The way I'm reading that is that WPS and GIP payments will not be taken into consideration as an earning or income when assessing benefits. Unlike now where anything above £23k denies you from many benefits.


I think the lack of comment on the applicability of this on War Pensions by the PM & Hammond may be due to speech writers trying to "pitch" this to an audience that in general does not understand that War Pensioners include people who have served since WW2.


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I suspect that 'War Pensioners' still includes many who served IN WW2.


I suspect that 'War Pensioners' still includes many who served IN WW2.
Correct, but the "..War Pensioners include people who have served since WW2....." comment in my post covered that!

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