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War Pensions & AFCS Tribunal Info

The Ministry of Justice is currently considering changing the rules which govern the composition of, among others, War Pension and Armed Forces Compensation Tribunal panels. Currently the panel consists of a Legal chair, a medical member and a service member. The service member of the tribunal is there to assist the tribunal understand the specific nature of service life and the circumstances surrounding the claimed disablement. The consultation proposal is in part suggesting that in future some tribunals could be composed of a legal chair alone, in the interests of "better serving the needs of claimants." Oh, and saving money too....

If you would like to comment on the consultation it is open to all until 10th November 2016 and online at Transforming our justice system: panel composition in tribunals - Ministry of Justice - Citizen Space


My mistake; the consultation deadline is open until Thu 24 Nov 2016. But please don't delay if you think it is important that servicemen and women, their spouses and families, continue to get the benefit of making their appeals for disability pensions and compensation heard by panels which include service and medical experts, instead of solely by judges.

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