War pensions, AFCS and the useless SPVA

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by themaadone, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. I will be out of the army on the 7th of October. That is roughly nine weeks from now.... This follows a recomendation from a medical board.

    I was given roughly 90 days notice, shaould all be fine one would think especially given the comment that "After reciving this letter (confirming the med discharge date) you will recieve another letter from JPAC within 10 working days informing you of your pension details".

    That was 30+ days ago (20 working days minimum).

    After several telephone calls to JPAC, the SPVA etc.. no one feels like they can give me an answer.

    The MAOC(H) in chanrge of me is running after the pension issue as is the DCMH... but JPAC or the SPVA (They do not know who they are - try phoning them) Deny that they have discharge paperwork and also tell me that they do not deal with pensions or discharge claims....

    I tell the person on the phone what the letter says... 'no, that is wrong' is the answer... 'No, that is right' is the answer from APC.... So who is telling me porkies?

    I have written a concise list of with whom I spoke and times and dates and so on but they all seem to contradict themselves.

    One lady this morning told me that a chap I spoke to didn't work in her organisation... funny that I have his surname and his desk number - 'oj, ok' was her reply and then she tries telling me stuff which contrabenes what the AFCS broschure says, every time I retorted with an answer which I took directly from the broschure she tried another lie... in the end she gave up and told me 'I don't know'.....

    Wow, now we are getting somewhere.

    The SPVA employ people who 'DON'T KNOW'. Cool.

    So, will I receive my pension etc within the thirty days of discharge to guarantee continuity or is this a big bluff?

    Has anyone been discharged and had their pension payed on time and their War pension as well??


    Madder than normal
  2. Anyone??? No one? Has the VA been sweet to you all then?
  3. Ha - some joke 6 weeks since discharge no sign of pension or lump sum. Also again various calls which contradict each other
  4. I was discharged on the 31st March 2007 and still no war pension. My normal pension after 23 years service was 4 weeks late. I have started a thread on Medical Discharges and War Pension Ideas. in this forum site.


  5. JPAC told me a load of rubbish just 5 minutes ago. Pension 38 days after last working day - I don't believe it! :(

    SPVA told me that due to the injuries a doctor will have to scrutinise my notes and that may take ages as well...

    Why bother? Why not just lie down and wait? :(
  6. I was kept on home leave until the War Pensions (aka VA and SPVA) lot ahd sorted out the paperwork, only then was I expected to sign out.
  7. when was this? They have been quite adamant that they only get the paperwork on the day that I am actually discharged!
  8. I have never heared of that happening before, the VA are not permitted to act on any paperwork until you have been discharged and become a civvie. Thats what I was told by the VA. This is all due to the fact that a War Pension is a part of the civilian welfare benefits system
  9. This was after Granby.

    It also helped that the RE didn't want to lose me so they quite a lot to make sure the paperwork was all in order.
  10. Didn't want to lose you?

    But surely you were lost to them once the med board told you that you were being medically discharged and that you were going to be in receipt of a pension!!
  11. You don't know the background but a lot was at stake for both me and perhaps the corps. I almost managed to beat the 2nd appeal board at the final hurdle to stay in but after that I was sh*t out of luck. There was a lot of stuff flying back and forward which I wasn't totally kept in the loop on.
    Suffice to say I may have been P8 at my requried PULHEEMS but it didn't stop me being sent to a non-christian area and all the medical boards were after our return.
  12. They sent you to Bradfords recruiting office?! God, I can imagine you wanted out of there ;)
  13. Nice one.