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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. I'm one of the admins for the War Pensioners (UK) Facebook group. It is a closed group that acts as a self-help group for war pensioners in the areas of SPVA claims, tribunal appeals, dealings with SPVA, ATOS and local authorities plus passing on details of eligible discounts. The sole criteria to join is that you must be in receipt of a war pension of whatever percentage. It is a closed group to allow members to speak frankly and without fear of surveillance by Government agencies. To join just search out our group name on FB and apply to join. When accepted, invariably within 24 hours, please introduce yourself and tell us something of your former service and let us know your disability %. You do NOT have to disclose the nature of your injury. I hope you look us up.
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  2. Do you work for ATOS? No seriously be careful on this i heard someone repeating my war pension symptoms once to beef up their claim
  3. I'd have thought it would be better for security purposes to be a member of arrse and read/contribute through the many discussions on WPS, AFCS & DWP benefits that already exist.
  4. Glasshammer this could happen on this forum as on any other. As on the ARRSE site at the Facebook Group you are accepted on trust, but we go one step further for security reasons explained and make it a Closed group
  5. EScotia, I cannot follow your line of reasoning that it would be better for security purposes to be a member of ARRSE site. I have not asked any member of this site to leave and membership of both is not incompatible. I for one am and shall remain a member of the FB group as well as ARRSE. It is a fact however, that on ARRSE War Pension issues are found under the Armed Forces Pension Scheme Forum - a completely separate and distinct scheme for a separate pension. At present there are approximately 150,000 UK war pensioners some of whom may feel they wish to have their own identity.
  6. How do you keep government agencies away if you have no way to verify that your members aren't working for government agencies?

    Better to remain anonymous on ARRSE.
  7. DeltaDog, the group like ARRSE accepts members on trust, however, WP does some enquiries when necessary to determine bona fides. War Pensioners (UK) accepts however that this is not 100% perfect. With anonymity comes less responsibility for postings and since the group's inception there has been little or no ill will between members. In short it does what it says on the tin
  8. There's no reasoning there, just a statement and as far as I can see no-ones accused you of encouraging people to leave arrse for your Fb page, it is afterall a personal choice we're all free to make. The point I was hinting at is if you post on arrse you have a made up user name and, unless you give people the opportunity to know your real name, there is little anyone can do to find out who you are and attribute comments to you instead of an unknown person. That is not the same on Fb and a bit more caution is therefore required.

    The reason both the War Pension Scheme and AFCS are mainly contained in the AFPS forum is because there is no dedicated forum for them. People post on WPS & AFCS matters in other forums too.

    I am now a member of your Fb page :) as I have no real problems with someone finding out who I am as If someone wants to know who I am a little research will answer the question.
  9. Cheers , Ancient_Hush_Puppy . I'll have a look at your FB page though I'm no fan of bloody Facebook, anything is worth looking in to, long as any advice is accurate and qualified. Having been a generalist advisor for some years, a war pensioner, and with some IAG qualification, I'll give your page a fair go before I comment, it sounds encouraging and in fact I might be pleasantly surprised and hope I am but I'll keep my gob shut before I 've seen the page. Cheers.
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  10. Thank you for joining the group Escotia

  11. Thank you for joining Temaine