War Pensioners Buy out.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. Rumour has it that the powers that be are about to alter the goal posts regarding War pensioners who receive a War disablement pension under the old system (pre 2005 claimants)

    Any war pensioner who receives a 50% or below basic war pension will be given a lump sum instead of their weekly pension .... and that's their lot!

    Is there anyone in the know who can confirm this to be true ?
  2. Sounds like a load of shite, who told you that?
  3. Any one with 11plus maths would see that is bollux, in fact the whole reason they would not give out one off payments for more than single figure % was the amount they e would have to pay out in the one off payment, mind you I wouldn't mind a one off myself but as it would be over half a million at my current pension rate, if I live another twenty years plus
  4. Did you invent war pensions?
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  5. Nah. Stick to rumours mate. They cause so much more upset than facts.
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  6. I was led to believe a full war pension for injury during service if above 20 points was around £1100 tax free a year so if so dont know where you get 500K from if they paid you in a lump sum.....obviously I must of been informed wrong.
  7. Tropper is a special case, as not only did he lose his limbs, but also his marbles and ability to refrain from spouting bullshit.
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  8. Stop rocking the boat and giving them f...... ideas!!!!!

    They way it is now is just fine.
  9. No your right but they would also have to include things like unemployability supplement ect which would soon bang it up, and I believe £2500 is the minimum one off payment at the present but you can reapply after three years if your condition worsens

    An example a 40% PTSD sufferer with 100% employability get about £130 a week multiply by his life expectancy and it suddenly becomes a pretty impressive figure, but they would have to factor in all sorts of other things before any one would except it and it would be a legal mine field
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I reckon 30 years would give me well over 300K nearer 400
  11. I was told £2000 for 1-5 points, £8000 for 8 points etc lump sum or max £1100 tax free a year if over 20 points but thats not confirmed
  12. I'm going on the last booklet they sent me a few years ago, so they may well have changed the rules again, I'm not sure
  13. I tried a couple of years ago and they said no chance!! i worked out if i lived til i was 80 i would have got about 700k i said i would settle for half that to pay me off lol!
    The reply i got was they couldnt work out the inflation etc etc, plus if i got squished by a bus tomorrow they wouldnt have to pay me anymore!!

    charming eh!?
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  14. Try again only this time take an RBL case worker with you, if they knock you back demand a tribunal
  15. I said on a pension thread Id rather commute my pension and have the money in the bank rather than the government getting their hands on it if I croak it in the next 12 years.