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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Spanish_Dave, May 8, 2006.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Why whenever I have a WP Medical do they insist on measuring my scars, do they assume that we stick/add on scars to suit, do scars grow or decrease in size, would the length of a scar affect a payout? Why do the Veterans Agency constantly submit us to the mental anguish of constant medicals and assessments, why dont they award us a pension and then leave us alone? I am sure Combat Stress have come across this before!
  2. ARRRGHHH!!! Don't even bloody start me on WP.

    Going on personal experience, they are and will remain a complete nightmare who Im convinced dont read anything they are sent!

    Currently going to tribunal with them, when they decide to get their finger out!! All good fun *mumbles* wannnnkers
  3. Found this post a bit strange , I was awarded a WP for loss of hearing in one ear many years ago , took a long while to get it , about 8 months of tests and specialists appointments although my Army medical records proved my hearing was perfect , as did the records from the trade I was in , but have never been asked to attend a medical since . Don't know if this is relevant but was advised not to pursue a further claim if it got worse by the British Legion as MOD would probably claim my hearing would have deteriorated with age any way and finish up either decreasing the WP or stopping it altogether
  4. War Pensions like the DWP have an ongoing campaign to CUT COSTS.When they transferred the WP to the MoD they knew that they could get cuts to people's pensions when they ask for a review.The hearing dispute is still ongoing by the way folks as the government simply won't accept hearing problems under 50dB It was proven by hearing Professor that to have a hearing disorder of 50dB you would have to be over 100 yrs old.The RNID have a campaign ongoing and will be keeping the ex-service community informed.If anyone is asking for a review of their war pensions be very careful as you will be assessed on ALL your conditions and may even lose everything through the aging process.
  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I'm surprised you have been looked at again.
    Was this because your award was for a fixed period?
    Your the first person I have heard of who has been reassesed on the behest of the Veterans Agency, all the ones I know have asked for an increase in their assessment because of a deterioration in their health.
    The only thing I ever hear from them is when they tell me what my new rate will be.
    Have your asked the Pensions Section of RBL Pall Mall about this? They are the experts.

    Telephone 020 7973 7236

    Pensions & Disability Department
    The Royal British Legion
    48 Pall Mall
    London SW1Y 5JY
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I have been to a tribunal. Quite straight forward. Make sure you take a Legion Rep from Pall Mall to represent you.
  7. After playing ring a ring of rose,s with the vetrans agency.For two years. I finally gave up with the national health service and there staff. Last great words from a highly qualified specialist was I can,t diagnose that problem, as we are not trainned in it or understand it. finaly got a part payment (lump sum) for being death in both ears and haveing skin cancer due to certain equipment. In scalys side. and using radio active equipment for 2 years before a dreaded D,C,I, decided radiation precautions must be taken. so gave up waiting for first part (p,T,S,D,) as uk doctors will not sign it of as that. and headed to Canada with in weeks i have a Veterans Affairs Health Card (blue cross) meet with councilors and have a apointment with a P,T,S,D spec to sort out the paper work with the vetrans affairs uk apeal system. Question Why do I have to go to Canada to get what the uk goverment should give us All
  8. The whole war pension system is a bloody disaster in this pathetic country.
    Veteran's having to rely on CHARITIES to help them.It lets us all know that the country does not care one bit about its ex-service folk except on poppy week and remembrance Sunday when they feel obliged to buy a poppy in the knowledge that it helps ex-service folk in their times of need.We need better after care services as the NHS is a disaster! The pension system is a mine field for anyone to take on, as we all know, the government DON'T want pay us anything for our injuries sustained in our service to the "crown and country".We need help NOW not later politicians so get your fingers out of your brown box and do something about it.
  9. I must be one of a lucky few, I had my initial assessment in 94 and have had only one review since and that was around 8 years ago - like a previous thread I only rx updates on my pension and I only inform them when I move - my condition though can get worse so I will have that bridge to cross but have really had no problems with them, at least I am paid regularly each month. Some conditions though can improve and that may be a reason why people are recalled so often - (not saying that is the case in these threads) the flip side is that they can obviously get worse which would increase your pension.
  10. 2001 I got a WP assessment by a Doctor who examined me at home.

    I had contacted the WP agency and they sent me all the injury forms.

    Some the injuries dated right back to Junior Leader days, (I was a murder Ball specialist.)

    I have all the usual Sapper injuries, Fked back, knees, hands, ankles and I'd just spent 4 months in the STIC at Catterick, so I thought I was in with a shout for something.

    I felt absolutely banjaxed by the time the doc had finished poking, prodding and getting me to do exercises, I was gob smacked at what he typed up.

    Extremely deteriorated this and that a deformed wotsit bone, ligament irreparable etc etc.

    I was like "Fkin hang on Doc, no-one will employ me if I'm that much of a Sick Chit"

    He just said
    " Mac, you will find that in civvy street, if you can't do a BFT or CFT within the cut off time your employer won't give a Fk, just as long as you can do the job your employed for. The Army injured you so you can't be a Fit Soldier like you were when you joined, but your still fitter than the average Civvy."

    The guy was amazing and I got awarded a WP shortly afterwards.

    My son in law got out in 2004 and had the same sort of nightmare that you have all previously mentioned.

    The tight arrsed Fkers will screw us for everything as usual, same old, same old
  11. Tribunal wouldnt have been necessary had their 'Doctors' read the paperwork and notes clearly. They have thus far diagnosed OH with something 2 Neurosurgeons, a Neurologist and three MRI's have stated he does not have! But heyho...the wait goes on! Legion have been made aware! :D