War pension?

I'm currently in the process of getting MD'd from the Army. :(
My question is how much is a war pension worth? I can't get a straight answer from my Admin office.
My injury is serious enough to warrant me walking with a crutch for the rest of my life.
This situation is extremely frustrating, can anyone help? :?:

try this link for ideas mate and maybe PM Rincewind as i think he has some knowledge.

you will get an immediate pension if you are MD'd and i have no clue what it could be. You need to contact your local Royal British Legion and they will help you through the process.

They did fine for me and i'm now in reciept of a monthly war pension and i'm no where near as badly injured as you are by the sounds of it. feel free to PM me and ill offer any advice i can also.
Ivan........condolences, m'boy.

This has been dealt with on other threads, however, as one who knows..........................

1. Dependant on what percentage level of disability at which you are assessed: this process WILL take place prior to discharge.

2. Les than 20% = lump sum payment.

3. Greater than 20% = This attracts the sliding scale of Med pensions (currently at £26 (and a few p) per week)).

4. The day AFTER your discharge, you call your contact at RBL (which you will have sorted in the last week of service) and ask his advice on challenging the boards decision.

5. He will direct you to War pensions.

6. Speak to a nice lady in Blackpool who will generate the paperwork.

7. Wait for the wheels to turn.

All of the above assumes that your disability is attributable to service. The links below may help, too

Good luck!


"All of the above assumes that your disability is attributable to service."

This is the most important aspect of the claim, you will get a lump sum if you are being MD'd but the pension is (in my case) based upon whether the injury is seen as being because of your service, i.e. landing badly on Weston on the Green and now walking with a limp.... and not because you we're p*ssed and fell down the stairs in the block.

PM me if you need any help.
Yep stood too for PM!

but advice above is all good.

speak to SSAFA too, you will need help and support to get through the emotional side *sniff* as its a major life upheaval. got digs sorted? no? ask your regt assoc and RBL to lean on council - i did, had keys to a flat in 3 hours flat. (turned up at area housing office with thick book, discharge papers and maggot - said i am now your problem to the tree hugger behind the bullet proof glass and they assumed i was going to be nice.... took them till 1730 - and trying to ask me to leave as i bashered down in my maggot for the night in the waiting room.....security came, i threatened to break his nose....10 min later i was in a halfway house....2 days later - keys to a flat.)

all good things come to those who tread on toes... get the RBL onside and help from your regt assoc - mine were instrumental - paid my 1st months rent and council tax, helped me through some difficult times - bought me beers when i still hadnt found a job....

no offence - but you will find those still serving - will be blind to your plight.

ask if scared or lost. there are those who will help here on arrse.

All of the above is correct dependant on when your injury occurred, check with your RAO about the new AFCS, Armed Forces Compensation Scheme which has been active since Apr 05, if you were damaged before this then you are on the old scheme.

You will get a Service Invaliding pension (SIP) if it was non attributable and then the Veterans Agency VA will assess whther you should get an attributable award. You should ensure that you have copies of all applicable documents and prepare your case carefully.

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