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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by kernow2801, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Hi all

    My name is Darren and I am new to this lovely forum.

    I served in the Army for 6 years and left in 2005 as I had severe muscle and nerve injuries to both legs. No medical discharge as I could still do my job as a Finance Clerk. Went for a War Pension back in 2008 and they gave me 6 - 14%. The condition has deteriorated so bad, that some days I am unable to walk. I have compartment syndrome in both legs which has damaged the nerves, problems with my lower back as I compensate to the left because of the way I walk and something wrong with my Central Nervous System. This is all caused by serving in the Army.

    I initially put a claim in back in 2010 stating that the injury had got worse but that was turned down.

    I put another claim in back in December last year, due to the massive impact this injury is now having on my life. I am seeing the physio at least 3 times a month as well as having to go to a pain management clinic at my local hospital. The pain is that bad have asked for it to be amputated but they wont do it.

    Everything was done and the case went before the SVPA docs on the 06th June. I didn't know my case had been prioritized and they came back out on Wednesday. I was told there was a 4 month waiting time for when the cases go before the docs.

    I was told that my review is now sat with the notification people waiting for them to send a letter out and work out whats going on.

    Whats everyone's opinions on this......Do you think I will get an increase in my war pension or was it that easy they said no straight away. I am registered disable and receive DLA at the higher mobility rate and middle carers rate......

    If I do get it, I would rather have a lump sum paid out so I could get things rectified and try and get my crappy life back on the straight and narrow.....

    Cheers Darren
  2. Darren,
    No one can say what the outcome will be.
    I would advise asking the Royal British Legion for assistance in your case. They have case workers that deal with claims and know how to handle the SPVA.

    Good luck,

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  3. As shiny said, but you can always ask write to SPVA and ask to appeal their decision before the independent tribunal. RBL will almost certainly represent you at the tribunal but if you need to put across complex medical details supported by reports from specialists, you and your representative will have to get your heads together for more than the few mins between tribunals on the day your is held.
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  4. Well I got my notification back today....I have been given a 20% disability war pension...astounded is the word....£1783.60 a year to cope with the fact I am unable to walk most days, and I am in immense pain 24 hours a day and on copious amounts of medication

    I am appealing as well as getting solicitors involved as it was Medical Negligence which caused this injury in the first place....

    With the injuries I have, including Nerve damage to both legs, compartment syndrome in both legs and a problem with my Central Nervous System, on the new scheme I would get a one of payment of at least £80,000. I would be able to put systems in place with that money which would help me for the rest of my life.......I fell like I have been hung out to dry and basically told to XUIK off......

    Has anyone ever tried to get themselves onto the AFCS even though the injury happened before 06th April 2005...the whole systems seems totally unjustified....I will have to live for another 45 years to get even the minimum amount from the War Pension, compared to that of the AFCS......

    Apologies if this seems like a complete and utter whinge, but it is and I feel let down....I know there are plenty of other ex serviceman and women out there who are injured and I would feel the same if they got done over on claiming for either a pension or compensation...

    Cheers Darren
  5. Unfortunately they are two completely different Schemes and ne'er the twain shall meet! I wouldn't be so confident about the amount you'd get on AFCS as SPVA often have a different view on where your injuries & complications sit in the tariff tables than you do and it won't be to your advantage!

    Like many I am covered by both schemes as a result of when I served and if both schemes were joined up I'd sit at about 70% and qualify for AFIP. As they are separate schemes neither takes the other into account which can sometimes work in the veterans' favour.

    I have to say I'd much rather be covered by War Pensions than AFCS; everything about it from the people who deal with cases and the backroom staff, they way a % is awarded, the challenge process and the supplementary benefits is way better than AFCS in my experience.
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  6. I agree I am under the old system, I have looked at the new system but feel I would not be as well off. We all know in the real world you change something to make it better, unless your the MOD then its done to save money.
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