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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jodie1982, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Does anybody know roughly when SPVA make a decision on the entitlement of a War Pension? Somebody did say within a week of the Medical Discharge date but I can't see that happening :/
  2. Mines taken from Feb to Sept.
  3. Wow, that is a long time!
  4. The letter i got just recently mentions 80 weeks !

    I phoned them last week to see how it's going and they had just got information back from the doctors,so a decision should be made soon i hope ! i applied way back in April this year !
  5. Good news though,it will get back dated to the day you applied for it,so you'll get a nice little lump sum then the payments will begin !
  6. I submitted my paperwork for a review of my case in January this year. I was given excuse after excuse as to why my review was taking so long. It was not until I spoke to the office of my local MP (David Morris) that the veterans agency processed my case (within 24 hours). If your claim is more than 6 months outstanding I suggest you contact your local MP. Your MP needs to know about the delay. They are here to help and will raise your case with the veterans agency direct. It is your right....
  7. My husband hasn't actually sent anything off, he was told that because of his Medical Discharge, he will be considered for it automatically. You would think that if they can sort out his SIP and payments to start 10 working days after his discharge date in December, then the War Pension would be the same. So frustrating
  8. After i was med discharged they automatically considered me for the AFCS when they came back with a decision after 4 months it was crap so I appealed it and it came back still not what it should of been so I went to tribunal and finally got what I was entitled to, all in all it took three years but like previously stated it was worth the wait as I got my GIP and a tidy back payment, now if he has been medically discharged and has pax he is entitled to a payout from them, it's 2.5k per unit with a maximum of 15 units a tidy 37.5k that only takes a mater of weeks aslong as he has all relevant docs if you want a hand with this PM me
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  9. Further to your previous SIP and AFCS are two complete different departments, the SIP is a very basic award compared to AFCS so you will be hanging around for it
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  10. SIP stands for Service Invaliding Pension and in my case my NRPS pension was a SIP. I've now been awarded a War Pension for injuries incurred over the whole span of my army career (inc reg, FTRS & NRPS) and my understanding is the War Pension should only affect my NRPS pension turning it into a SAP (Service Attributable Pension), and not the others, as it was enhanced due to my Main Invaliding Injury making it tax free.

    Depending on the length of service and pensionable pay a SIP can be small or large and if chasing an award under AFCS be aware it will be taken into consideration when calculating your Guaranteed Income Payment or GIP.
  11. This last piece of info is wrong, your SIP will not be taken into account when you are about to be in receipt of an award from the AFCS.

    You have 15 awarding tariffs 15 being the lowest, you get a money award for each level but if you qualify for anything over level 11 you shall also be untitled to a Guaranteed income payment made payable every month, if you do not qualify for your GIP you will still get your SIP if you get level 11 or over your SIP stops, in my case my GIP is basically a monthly wage and my sip that I was getting for the three years whilst waiting was under £300 a month so it's defo worth the wait!
  12. The information is not wrong as your SIP certainly is taken into account when calculating your GIP as examples in JSP 765 demonstrate (one of which is included for clarity below).

    The Guaranteed Income Payment. A GIP may only be awarded in respect of injuries specified from tariff levels 1 – 11. GIP payment is not payable in respect of injuries specified in levels 12 to 15 of the tariff. The GIP is tax free on award.


    Example 1

    A Service person who is aged 23 is invalided out of the Armed Forces after losing a foot as a result of service. He was receiving a salary of £20,000 per annum. The relevant factor is applied for a person aged 23 (age is considered as at the last birthday). The factor is 0.878. The full annual GIP is calculated as:

    Salary x GIP factor ie £20,000 x 0.878 = £17,560 pa.

    As the injury is in tariff level 8 the person will receive 50% of the full GIP, so he will be entitled to £8,780 a year. This is tax-free. If the AFPS invaliding pension entitlement was £3,619 pa, this would be deducted and he would get an annual AFCS GIP of £5,161 per year in addition to the pension.

    The total benefits of £8,780 pa (ie made up of £3, 619 pension and £5,161 AFCS GIP) would be paid in monthly instalments and increased in line with inflation each year. This would be paid for life.

    I hope that makes the GIP calculation a bit clearer?
  13. Link to the War Pension leaflets page on the SPVA site:

  14. I applied in 1999 and got accepted in 2000, 14 months later. Money was backdated to date I applied

    Good luck!
  15. Spoke to SPVA last week and informed claims are taking at least 40 weeks minimum, up to 80 weeks if further information is required. On asking why was informed decision makers are the hold up.