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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by 15year L/Bdr, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Now I have been selected for redundancy,I will be putting in a claim for a war pension(injury sustained before 2002),how is it decided if you just get a lump sum or a monthly payment as well?

    Many thanks for any replys,also sorry if this has been asked before
  2. It depends on the severity of the injury. Once you put in the claim SPVA War Pensions Dept will apply for your documents (it took them 4 months to get mine even though the AFCS dept already had a copy). Once they receive your documents they will write to your GP and all evidence will be assessed. It will take some time so I'd advise you to talk to SPVA Welfare. RBL are very informative to, check both websites:

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    For a War Pension. If your assessed as between 1-19% you get a lump sum.
    If 20% or above a weekly pension, paid every four weeks.
  4. Thank you very much for the replys
  5. Can you describe your condition a little? Don't forget that in the percentage disability both physical and mental aspects are considered, along with hearing loss and the such-like.

    I did once find an SPVA article that listed the recommended percentages for various medical problems. Will have a look now.
  6. From my experience (1995) hearing loss,they will push the lump sum and dodge the pension option.
    Also check and see if the settlement is in full and final settlement as a medical issue can trigger other underlying medical problems.
  7. I buggerd my ankle in 2000 and now it's riddled with arthritis so I can't stand for more than an hour at a time
  8. I've just (literally) said goodbye to an SPVA Welfare Officer on his first visit to me. I'd advise you to ring them up and ask for a home visit.
  9. But you have somehow managed to serve (and get paid) for over 10 years with this injury?
  10. I have been able to do my job and will continue to do so untill I leave in December(i have never been unable to do anything that was asked of me).it has only became really bad in the past year,and it was likely that I would be pap10 if I wasn't made redundant.
  11. Broke my ankle in the seventies due to bad landing after a jump. I ended up pensioned out in the eighties because of arthritis.My pension has gone up over the years from 30 to 70%. I've had a lot of surgery over the last ten years, none of it very successful. The surgeon i see is now suggesting amputation below the knee. I bet if i agree to this my pension percentage will drop. I don't think that when pension is being assessed they realise how much yor chances of employment are reduced.