War pension what is it and how easy is it to get

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gizmo17, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. I have just heard that a guy i know who was a right Fanny (constantly diffy late etc) has been awarded a war pension for what he claims has been asses as entitled to 30%.

    Now im not haveing a go at anyone who has genuine injury/illness from there service far from it.

    But i am wondering how easy it is to get one of these pensions whats the criteria etc. The Guy i mentioned above is claiming Gulf war syndrome i dont have an opinion on it apart from every guy i know who claims to have it was a fanny before they went to the gulf and funnily enough came back still a fanny.
  2. I had to fight to get mine but that was 20 years ago.I´ll go and get my file and have a look if I find anything of interest I´ll either post or PM it depending on content.
  3. I would have thought that he received an AFCS award rather than war pension (which was awarded prior to 2005).

    War pension was easy to claim, and, as Cab_scab says took ages to get the claim through.
    See HERE for details of eligibility, claim process etc. for War Pension
    See HERE for details of eligibility etc for AFCS

    There's a whole thread on Medical Discharge/War Pension HERE
  4. If you get MD'd (Medically Discharged) you get one for a start. The Royal British Legion can also assist. but rely on a medical examination and reports.

    I don't know any more than that.
  5. You can contest medical report if they don´t take full account of your injury/disability.If he´s getting 30% for Gulf Syndrome I will need to look at getting a reacessment done!
  6. C-s I was initially awarded 20% in 1995 which was raised to 50% on appeal (this was for physical injury rather than PTSD though)

    If you have a problem contact your local SSAFA or RBL.
  7. When did "Gulf war Syndrome" become a qualifying diagnosis for a war pension then?

    I know I am well out of the loop but last I heard it wasn't officially even admitted that such a thing existed. I remember getting some multi-page questionaire thing that some of us had to fill out.

    Has it now been recognised then?

    As for the OP - I got 30% but mine was easy as it is physically measurable and papertrailed since it happened.
  8. Thanks rockape,thats roughly what I did in `96 and got 14% upgraded to 40%.But looking at the information that you provided and seeing that I now have complications caused by the origonal injury I need to get my finger out and do something sharpish
  9. I'm a bit suspect of this opinion. I was in Gulf War 1, and don't know a single person who had Gulf War Syndrome, but I think it would be hard to say only 'fannies' got it!

    I mean, I'm a bit of a fanny on the sly, okay I may even be overtly a fanny, but I didn't get Gulf War Syndrome.
  10. I dont think He is getting the pension for The gulf war syndrome that he claims but the individual symptoms there in.

    As I said at the start of the thread I am not haveing a go at those who are genuinly Ill or injured. but the simple reality is there are some bluffers out there who are abuseing the system these characters are Fannys!!!!!. And strangely enough they blame every joint ache, cold or hangover on Gulf war syndrome.

    We all know of guys who used to have fablon sick chits who in reality just had terminal lazyites these guys are now out and takeing peoples hard earnd tax money and at the expense of the genuinely Sick and injured.

  11. So are you trying to make a connection between those about to lose their disability benefits on civvy street and those you consider to be cuffing it on war pensions? Perhaps to show a degree of unfairness? That would make a great headline, wouldn't it?
  12. Nope not makeing any connection but if this trend is allowed to go unchecked and challanged all that will happen is more Hoops to jump through and obstacles being placed in front of the genuine claiments.
  13. What trend is that then? Do you have evidence that there is a trend or are you just assuming that there is and hoping to get evidence to support your theory here? Also, have you gradually developed dyslexia? I couldn't help from noticing the deterioration in your spelling since your earlier posts. I don't think dyslexia qualifies as Service Attributable.
  14. having read above posts i agree there are bluffers while you are in and everyone knows who they are within the battalion/regiment/corp etc.
    however i found its bloody hard work to get your war pension
    they are pretty strict and do their homework(med docs and supporting evidence)
    it took me years to get the half decent amount i get now(bluffers and fibbers do get found out in the end)
    so i dont see getting a war pension an easy ride to be honest!
  15. Biscuits_AB
    Oh dear you are just looking for an argument throwing in a few insults to get things going. I will leave you to sit in your own puddle of piss