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I was MD'd on 20 Nov 08 and have already received my lump sum and pension details. Today I received a letter from SPVA informing me that I was entitled to a War Pension of 50% attributable to my service and how much I would get each month. Does my Service Invaliding Pension (SIP) now become tax free? I'm probably wrong but as I'm on the AFP75 scheme I thought this meant being awarded a pension amount that was then trebled into another lump sum like your original pension (eg 20% is £4k x 3=£12k lump sum plus another monthly pension payment). I just want to make sure I'm getting everything I'm entitled to.

SPVA send copies of your details to Glasgow and they will then realign everything.

Best bet is to ring the JPAC: 0800 085 3600

Out of all the agencies that I have delt with in the last several months, the JPAC have beem one of the most helpful.

But you will probably get a full notification from them in about 3-4 weeks.
Also, have a quick read of my last post under 'Last Pay day'.

Don't know what rank you are, but here are the Attributable Graturity rates for a 50% disability:

OR 3 - £5399 (Pte/LCpl)
OR 4 - £6964 (Cpl)
OR 6 - £7635 (Sgt)
OR 7 - £8697 (SSgt)
OR 8 - £9285 (WO2)
OR 9 - £9873 (WO1)

These rates may be slightly out of date as I printed them from the Army website before they were removed.

But this will all be sorted for you by JPAC.

I spoke to my local SPVA Rep this morning and he cleared things up for me. As I have been awarded a war pension the details will now be sent to APC for them to decide whether or not to turn my Service Invaliding Pension (SIP) into a Service Attributable Pension (SAP). If they change it to a SAP I will get another lump sum and the pension will then become tax free. He said it normally takes a couple of months for it all to happen and that I'll get notification whatever happens.

One other thing, do I have to inform the tax man about the award of these pensions?
Not sure about that one. If like me, you will have received your P45 from SPVA within the last couple of days. In the event that your SIP becomes a SAP, the I presume that APC will do all that TAX man stuff.

The JPAC told me that it will take between 3 - 4 weeks for it all to get sorted and that my first SIP pension payment will probably be taxed. As these payments are made on the 9th of each month then I also pressume that the first payment will be in Jan 09.
The SPVA part of the pension is normaly paid 4 weekly. So as your first day as a civilian was on 21 Nov 08, it is most likely that your next payment will be made 4 weeks thereafter. From what I've been told, payments are made on Tuesday/Wednesday.
Make sure you chase up the tax exempt status once awarded the pension. It took me about 20 phonecalls over 5 months to Afpaa Glasgow and paymaster before I got a rebate and tax free status.

The snag I had was lack of communication between afpaa and paymaster.

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