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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by bombdr2494, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. I received a letter from the spva informing me that a favourable decision had been made regarding my claim after my medical discharge. I rang them to see what it was, i was told that i had been awarded £5937 lump sum, however, i was told that as i had received a one off payment in £1995 for £1000 following a double leg fracture, that £1696 would be deducted from the total. Now i was taxed on this amount and received £1000, and now that i have been invalided out (spinal injuries from afghan) i am having money deducted again due to a previous payment. Is this right? i have been waiting so long just to find i have been stiffed.
  2. War pensions are governed by the same Depts. that handle all benefits, no matter how they dress it all up, mate.

    We have all been getting stiffed.... from the day we joined, and apparently, getting stiffed as war pensioners, now, as well.
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    If you recieved payment in respect of specific injury I cannot see how they can now take money out of another injury. Ask for a complete written explination as to how everything is broken down and calculated and get hold of the RBL for up to date good advice. I,m sure most of us will give you info as we understand it but get the people who really know helping you.
  4. Thanks elovabloke, it doesnt seem right to me, but ill do as advised and seek some answers from the RBL and spva.
  5. Knowing this administration, and society's history with service people, ex-service, wounded or otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised at any thing I read.

    What a pity those geeky square eyed straw headed decision makers, in their safe little offices, warm and cosy, don't have to spend day on the front line, or even a day " on exercise".

    Could you imagine being out with them?....
  6. Appeal against their ruling, as on Monday the rules for payments changed according to the reports on the news.
    Even D Twigg said it should make it easier, now whether that is easier to claim, or easier to confuse who knows.

    But like all medical / Social Services / VA rulings, they are not final and they have to be challenged. Have you got a WP Welfare Officer working for you? If not get one, they can be very useful.

    Hope it works out and you get what you deserve as recognition for your military service and the injuries while in that service!
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    You are entitled to a written explanation as to how they came to their decision. It normally says it on the letter that you receive stating the original decision. There is a time limit.

    I am not an expert but there is some interesting stuff going on ArmyNet about Vets and medical issues.
  8. Im in a similar situation. I got a lump sum of about 4.5k for one injury and then when I went back to them with another attributable injury I was told that this time I made the 20% mark that made me eligible for a monthly pension yet my pension wouldnt start until April 2009 due to already having had the earlier lump sum.
  9. The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association.

    Are an independent registered charity aiming to support those who served in the 1990-91 and 2003 (to date) Iraqi / Gulf conflicts, either in the armed forces or as a civilian, and their families and dependants.

    They are very good with War pensions & War pension tribunals


  10. Thanks for the replies, am awaiting a response to how they came to their decision. Will post the reply.
  11. Well after speaking to the spva again, they informed me that my first injury was judged as 1-5%. The second injury from Afghanistan was judged at 6-14%. So you are only allowed one lump sum payment in total, and as the second injury was more then the first has to be deducted from the second. I can not believe the way they work this, needless to say i will be appealing.