War pension question

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by 15year L/Bdr, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. If I'm awarded a war pension do I get my normal pension right away or do I have to wait till I'm 65?
  2. If you are not medically discharged your pension is a preserved pension payable at 60/65 (for AFPS 75) or 65 (for AFPS 05).

    If you are discharged with a preserved pension and are subsequently unable to undertake full time work due to mental or physical disability which your doctor certifies will last until age 65 you can apply to have your preserved pension paid immediately, with pension increases. I use the word 'subsequently' because I would expect that, if you fell into the category I have outlined, you would have been invalided out of the Service.
  3. I was gainfully employed. I had to retire due to another injury that was unrelated to my military service. I wrote to inform the Army pension that I was unfit for work and they paid my army pension as of the date I told them. I hadn't reached the age to receive my pension normally.
  4. Thank you Michaelo. It is reassuring to get independent posts which show that the system does work sometimes.
  5. Same here put into pay before War Pension started