War Pension increase

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by No_Duff, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. I found out today that my War Pension has gone up by £2.03p a week, thanks Gordon what will I do with it all. W*nker.
  2. First round on you then :p
  3. I'm just thankful it was an increase rather than a decrease.
  4. Just think, if it was a £203.00 increase ....... Gordon would have won the election. :D
  5. Lucky you!! before the 203pence a week reaches me here in Australia, the aussie govt will have taken 96.oo3 pence of it, so count yourself lucky, :x
  6. Hey, "Nignoy" educate us on how the aussies administer War Pensions, and on balance would you say that Australia has a better system then ours ??
  7. That's 37p short for a John Smith's in my soon to close local.
  8. Well that cheered us all up. :)
  9. Brew your own. You can make a pint of something a lot better than Smith's it for that 37p.
  10. for any interested:

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  11. my war pension comes direct from UK, but the treatment of veterans and war pensioners here is brilliant, even immigrant veterans like myself go first class all the way,zero waiting period for war injury related treatments and its all private hospital treatment,now I cant get around so well my wife gets homehelp, and garden and home repairs are looked after at a token cost, no waiting free dental care, australian vets get free travel too, medication is free 6months of the year, the first 6 months 4dollars per item, the benefits are to many to mention, the australian military pension is roughly 250% more than the Uk military pension
  12. What is that as a % increase? Can't see it in the posted leaflet.
  13. My war pension has gone up £1.15 per week - works out at 1.5%
  14. Funk me!..... The Australian's know how to look after their War Pensioners then!
  15. Obviously Nignoy lives in a different part of Australia to me. To get serious benefits you need to be graded as 'Totally Permanently Incapacitated' (TPI). Once you have this then the benefits flow. That said veterans up to Korea (I think) do get most of these benefits, later than this you need the TPI rating. However, some doctors may not treat you because the Dept of Vets Affairs only pays the standard bulkbilling rate. The max tax rate 45% or thereabouts cuts in when your taxable income reaches $A180k. At 80K its 38%, your UK pension is fully taxable. There is no such thing as an age pension for everyone, it's means tested. Not forgetting that your UK age pension is frozen and does not increase with inflation.