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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by ziceman, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. im on 60% war pension and last year i had a claim settled against the Mod for hearing loss.

    i was recently at a army reunion and the topic came up briefly about hearing loss and said you can claim for it on your pension even thou your had compensation.

    my question would it be worth applying if i already had compensation and if so how will it work? would i be worse off because of the compo and if i did claim do i have to go through all my condition again just to have the % for ears added.

    thx in advance.
  2. ziceman,

    Are you sure you heard right at the reunion? :)

    You say you have already won a claim for your hearing loss. What form did this claim take (AFCS, War Pension, No Win, No Fee solicitor)?
    If you have received payment, you have not got a case for any more compensation unless your hearing worsens and it can be proven that it is a result of the damage caused by the MOD.

  3. You cannot be compensated twice for the same injury in Law.
  4. Sadly from personal experience with PF Senior who suffered from tinnitus and was deaf as a post in one ear, and no great shakes with the other, the problem was providing the proof that the deterioration and original damage was down to service. He spent a lot effort trying to claim it in addition to his war pension but was rejected at every turn even though the "appointed" medical specialist had admitted that the damage was highly likely due to his work in the field.

    One of his jobs was sound ranging which involved setting up shop with his opos in no mans land with a bunch of microphones and triangulate the positions of Herman's artillery pieces while taking incoming from both sides. To be honest a claim for PTSD would have had more chance but that's another story.

    In summary very difficult to prove.
  5. this is how i got my claim for earring loss.

    1: the solicitors were at the local British legion, filled in a few forms saying what weapons i handled and other info.
    2: 1 month later a meeting took place with a ear specialist in Belfast.
    3: 4 months later i met my barrister in Belfast high court for questions and answers.
    4: 6 months later solicitor phones me and said the MOD have made a offer, i could have refused but i accepted.

    what im led to believe he got compensation and war pensions decided a % but as you said he already had compensation so the he has a % rate only which will stay like this until i presume it equals out over years to his compensation payment and then be paid the %.

    hope it makes sense.

    worked in the Regulars/UDR/RIR
  6. You have already agreed a sum of compensation for hearing loss, that claim has been settled, you cannot claim for it again. As I said before, you may be able to claim for Deterioration of hearing, but as it is a known factor of ageing, you will find it very difficult to prove that any deterioration is due to your service.
    Even if you do get them to consider a new claim, they will take your original compensation into account and may reduce any payout accordingly.

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  7. thanks and yes HEARING lol, War pension sent paperwork out but i knew already i would not get anymore money i was just wondering was it worth boosting my percentage rate up.