War Pension Disability Rates How Do They Calculate

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Thunderpants, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I have just had my war pension for PTSD increased from 50% to 60% and a further conditions claim which added a further 10% giving me a 70% disability.

    I am somewhat confused as to how they got to these rates especially given the injuries, do they simply throw a couple of chicken bones across the desk or is there a guide line they follow and if so can i read it?

    The synic in me believes that they with held the award so that i did not reach the 80% award which would have allowed me to make additional claims.

    I feel that i am constantly begging for what i beleive is fair.
  2. if you can share what you get for what injuries maybe a start so people can compare!

    i personally think they make it up as they go along!

    ive seen people in a similar state to me that get less than i do so i dont know how it works either!!
  3. Dislocated shoulder requiring surgery to repair was assessed as 6%
    £2k compensation and no ongoing payment.

    That was 18 years ago though so apply inflation.

    The £2k covered about 75% of the surgery.

    I'd peg it at far less than 6% reduction in movement overall but then again I can hyperextend the other joints without discomfort.
  4. Here as requested is a brief upshot of my experiences and injuries.

    Discharged with PTSD awarded 30% and 10% for broken zygoma,broken nose and other minor injuries cuts etc.

    Appealed decision and PTSD increased to a total of 50%

    My PTSD deteriated and was unable to work, I asked for a review after several suicide attempts and years of counselling and was increased to 60%.

    From the onset I kept informing the wont help you agency that there were numerous injuries that they failed to take into account and eventually after gaining access to my med records this was eventually conceeded.

    These injuries were admitted this week:

    "Internal derangement of Knee" in other words all ligaments are either torn or removed from my knee and according to my surgeon after recent surgery, my knee is extremely unstable and is similar to balls balancing on each other with a slight movement either way will cause the knee to give way.

    He also added that my bones had erroded against each other and were in effect knackered.

    Fracture of right Hand

    Deformed and Unstable Ankle

    Fractured Ribs

    Dislocation of Right Tempromandibular Joint

    I was awarded a further 10% for all of these injuries, giving me a total of 70%.

    In addition to these injuries I have an ongoing appeal for severe degeneration of the whole of the spine caused in my opinion by service.

    I have already informed the SPVA i am appealing against the last two decisions and no doubt will be put through the mill again.

    I honestly feel that I am begging for what I beleive to be a fair assesment, my wife had to give up a well paid job to care for me and i for one am extremely angry the way the SPVA have treated me.

    Unfortunately I do not qualify for compensation as I am in the war pension sheme and not the new pay scheme.
  5. Chin up mate and don't let the twatts get the better of you.

    I'm soon to attend a tribunal hearing myself and I dare say that any outcome will largely all depend on the roll of a dice and not of that of medical evidence.

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  6. Hi all.

    I there any chance these type of questions could be placed in the medical discharge / war pension? forum, which is in the sticky above. http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=72110.html

    There's going to be some very important questions asked in the next couple of weeks. The Campaign "One Common Cause" is to be launched very soon, questions about the medical discharge and war pensions system is one of the main areas unders the spot light.

    Good luck H_I_A_B with your tribunal....

  7. Would anyone be able to answer my question: "What guide do they follow to get their disability rates"

    Many Thanks
  8. Whatever is the least amount they think that they can get away with.

    Like with most others, when my MD process started I signed a disclosure notice so that the SPVA could have full access to all my medical records. This they never did as they just went on the report written at my Med Board and that of the agency doctor that came to my house. The lengthy reports wriiten by two Consulants were totally ignored.

    As for the SPVA: Monkeys - you - and - Peanuts - gets - pays - you

    So like I said my friend, it's all on the roll of a dice...!

    But here's the official version .... Linky...
  9. That was exactly the same scenario that i had, fully doped up on drugs with no clue what i was signing or saying and a doctor turning up writing things.

    Thank you for the link and this refers to guidlines used by the doctor, where are these guide lines it is these i seek.

    And for comparing me to an able bodied person is an insult, I am not allowed to work and need constant supervision, I can not function without morphine and other medication.

    I just want what is fair and have no doubt this is due to money savings so that MPs can purchase another bird house.
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  10. There is a new campaign starting up very soon. It will be called "ONE COMMON CAUSE" to address issues like these and others... Please watch this space!

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  12. Hey Hitback,

    Little bit of advice needed you look like a really busy man so ill keep it short. im due for my first Med Board on thursday have you any tips for me? im on the AFCS75 im expecting Med Discharge:(
  13. More info needed matey. PM me and give a mobile number... I will see what we can do. Best Hitback
  14. ok thanks mate thats me sent u a PM
  15. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    This year's increase in the hush money I get for being deafened by the Navy is 0.97%. I have emailed the VA to ask how this is arrived at.