War pension claims for deafness

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jonah1163, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. hi just trying to get some info, has anyone had any dramas from claiming war pension for deafness , cheers for any heads ups and advice
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  3. Drive to the hearing test with the stereo turned up full
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  4. I'd be interested to know how you get on, I've been medically downgraded due to hearing loss.
  5. Be honest and they will look after you- try to con them and they will (deservedly) **** you over- the assessors have been doing it for years and will know if you are trying it on or not. They train in Liverpool so know every scam going!

    IIRC under 20% disability is a one off payment, over 20% an annual sum. Pension wise I get the equivalent of 6 1litre bottles of beer per day at the moment as the exchange rate is shite.

    I have always been treated well by the WPA and they always seem to sort things out very quickly in MY experience
  6. All replies should be in shouty font.
  7. I, am being MD for being P7 perm mainly for my left hear I've been to Portsmouth and NHS peterbough ( ENT) and both said the same the deafness is due to service.
    I claimed also though my PAX policy and all my med docs were sent to a independent doctor and came back as 55% in left hear.
    just read the leaflet 10 from spva.
  8. Bollocks, in MY experience. OP, try looking in here for experiences with SPVA Norcross, War Pensions & AFCS. There are good experiences, bad ones and loads of links to info:

    Armed Forces Pension Scheme

    Here's the one Jonah mentioned:

  9. If you are being MD on P7 than that's probably admin discharge on medical grounds (otherwise you normally go the P0 then P8 route). If this is the case you won't get anywhere near the same support as you would for a normal MD. It may not be the case, but just double check to make sure everything is as you expect. It'll be too late once your out.
  10. cheers I, am trying to get all the info and appointments with the right people before its too late ,
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  11. I am currently P3 due to being H3 in both ears. I have a claim in with AFCS and have been to see many consultants and even issued a hearing aid from RN Gosport.

    Having served with a Mortar Pl in Inf and served a good chunk in NI I guessed it was down to being exposed to loud noise etc, but the tests don't correlate to that. I think the only other explaination is when I contracted Bacterial Menningitis in Basic Trg?? I made a full recovery, but 'they' say you are never the same afterwards!!

    It is frustrating now as I'm more conscious of asking people to repeat themselves and you can tell senior Offrs get a bit peeved.

    I have been sent correspondence that's headed with War Pension fm SPVA and they are very helpful, but just a long process.
  12. I have not yet worked our whether the SVA system as opposed to suing the Army for compensation is best. I am fortunate that I was recruited in NI, served in the Regular Army everywhere but NI and retired from 4 years on ops in NI.

    Reid Black, a NI solicitor is the bane of the MoD/police etc for suing more than 5,000 cases. Google their cases and the MoD appeals for cases to be heard in England.
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  13. Now I'm at the end of the process.

    It has been concluded that I have 'Inherited Deafness' Heridtery, which means someone way back in my family suffered from the same........?????

    Basically even if I wasn't in the Army I'd end up the same

    I don't believe it all but that's the assumption made and have nowhere else to go.