War Pension Claim - Can you advise or share your experiences

In two months time I will have to put pen to paper and submit my claim. Should I do this on my own? Should I get the help of the RBL? or a claims lawyer? How did it work out for you? How long did you have to wait?

Can you advise or pass on your experiences so I head off down the right path? Ta Forum :)
How long did you serve, is it for a physica or mental condition

Combat Stress (your Welfare Worker).
National Gulf Veterans & Families Association (NGV&FA).
Before you try the RBL, contact the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency.It is their job and somebody there can help you with the form.

Helpline is 0800 169 2277
Similar circumstances to mine, some 7 and a bit years ago.

RBL are excellent: cannot say enough for the old guy who acted as Accused's Friend (which is how I was made to feel) at the initial hearing. The second we walked out of the hearing, which did not come up with the result we were expecting ("So, Baseplate, one of your legs is VOR? You have another, don't you? March out, that man!"), he was advising on the challenge and a further claim for new condition - the premise being that, because of the delays, the original condition was the provable cause of another condition!

Without patronising, make sure that you have every Med doc that has affected you during your service: and I mean EVERY one. MOD seem to treat them with the same attitude as they do laptops.

RBL: all the way (on this welfare issue).


Hi. I claimed through my nearest VA office (Newton Abbott) and they visited me, completed the initial paperwork and sent me for an assessment. later I got the lowered standard of occupation (A.L.S.O.)
I guess I had a good caseworker because it all went very well. Later on, there will be reviews to see if you've recovered or improved, in which case, the message must be: its not always for life.

And yep, TRBL would seem to be the best claims manager.
Don't know if this has been mentioned before.
You may have to consider, that any war pension claim you make, can cause havoc with any future benefits you may be entitled to, JSA etc. The government decides what they feel is the minimum you need to live off and will reduce any benefits accordingly, so that you don't exceed this amount!

If you receive the pension...This could manifest itself in you exceeding their assessments of your needs by one pound for example, and then having your right to Housing benefit or council tax benefit reduced or even stopped. Basically, they are robbing Peter to pay Paul... With you playing the part of Peter!

Just something for you to consider.

Good luck!
To answer your question, yes I've put in claims, had some of them rejected, appealed to the Pensions Appeal Tribunal on more than one occasion where they were upheld. It seems to be the system. My advice to you is seek assistance from the RBL as they know the processes extremely well. Don't be too disappointed if your claim fails at the first hurdle. Before appealing the decision, obtain from the SPVA their reasons for the rejections - under FOI rules they're now obliged by law to hand them to you within 6 weeks I believe.

If the Moderator reads this topic: I believe that it would be timely for War Pensions and associated issues to have its own forum, presently. How about it?

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