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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by sapper3857, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I need to know if anyone knows who can help me to complete my application for a war pension?
    I have e mailed the RBL hoping they could assist me , unfortunately they do not help with completing them only processing etc.
    they sent me the forms and they are a little daunting. I was just wondering if anyone has recently completed one
    and could give me some pointers etc


    Mark EX RE
  2. Mate,

    I did mine last week. What do you want to know? PM if you prefer.


  3. Hi,

    How specific do you need to be and how strict are they with the dates as i really cannot rememebr exact dates etc?


  4. They're usually quite good as they can access your Service records, if you are having problems with it try your local SSAFA bod...I see your locstat is Farnham, I can get you the number of them if you want it.
  5. exact dates for injuries, med appts etc arent important as they will get your docs from Glasgow. But you do need to get your application in ASAP as they only pay from the date you put the paperwork in, not from the date you left the Army. I had my paperwork filled in before I left and posted it on the day I left so it arrived the next day. Still took 18 months to get the result but payments were backdated to the day the paperwork went in.

    Also, if its not on your med docs then you cant claim for it, thats why pre-release medicals were invented, last chance to get your aches and pains documented!
  6. I am surprised that the RBL are unable to assist in completing the forms in your area.

    Ask for the assistance of the WELFARE REP by contacting the HANTS COUNTY REP/HQ, sometimes indiviuals who should know better give out incorrect advice.

    The WELFARE REP will do home visits if asked.
  7. In addition to my last;


    TEL; 023 8062 0900

    Info is available from;


    1400 HOURS to 1900 HOURS

    Phone number above to confirm REP will be present and make appointment.

    Info from RBL RIDERS website.

    Also see; Who we help - The Royal British Legion.
  8. Submit a Subject Access Request (SAR) asking for all electronic & hard copies of your Medical Docs and use dates etc from them when completing the forms.

    Willing to help if needed, pm me if you wish.
  9. I found the Vets Agency for my area were of great help.
  10. Thanks for ALL the advice ,paperwork going to be completed ASAP.

    I am also suprised that the RBL would not help.

    It is forums and people ilke you good people that makes ALL the difference:)


  11. Keep copies of everything.

    CC Pensions Dept @RBL (you may need their help later).

    Be Patient.

    Be prepared to appeal.

    Good Luck:)
  12. Contact your local Veterans Advice and Pensions Committee which is part of the Veterans Agency, freephone 0800 169 2277. Also ask them for your local Veterans Welfare Service manager, these are civil servants and very helpful.
  13. Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help. They have some tie-up deal with RBL.
  14. Thanks for the address above, just linking page...cheers