War Pension & Appeals tribunals

I have been in receipt of a war pension from 1993. It was from service 1984-89.
Hearing loss, ankle and knee injury.
I was granted a pension of 30%, at that time. I was also assured that if I should lose my new job as a consequence of the hearing loss then I'd be able to claim ALSO further down the line. Fast forward 2015, I had to ill health retire due to hearing loss. I had since put in a deterioration claim for all the above and was declined. I am now awaiting PAT tribunal to sort things out. In regard to the hearing loss, my claim is miss information and under scoring the significance of the hearing loss/damage at time of the original award.
I feel they should have advised me to seek further testing as well as given me the correct information about percentage rates in order to claim ALSO.
IE 40% and not the 30% that I was on. Had I'd been made aware of the correct facts at that time, I would have challenged the award. I would also have steered well clear of any potential risk to further damage my hearing.

The tribunal will also be dealing with other entitlement claims that I have made at the same hearing.

Can anyone shed any light on, or have any experience of the PAT tribunal system and there outcomes.

I am posting this to raise awareness of the shabby way in which ex service personnel are being treated by VA.

It hasn't slipped my attention that the internet is awash with informative youtube videos and other information for non service persons to get access to PIP.
They basically guide/coach those individuals from the initial application to the conclusion of PIP appeals. Yet we as vets have absolutely Fuxk all.

It shames me to think that we are reduced to this level of self help, whereby the big Veterans charities are partly responsible for the wall of silence in dealing with Veterans agency.

Surely we're better than this ?


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Presumably you had a full audiometry done for your original claim? Presumably from that service you are aged mid-50's?

Have you had a recent audiometry done, again presumably for your job loss and dismissal? What is the change?

Are VA saying the decline is post service activity, which is indicated in your post?

Bit tricky to give clear advice without some of this. Do you have a representative for the hearing, I and others here regularly advise getting RBL assistance.

Edit to add: I see you only joined today - so welcome. The more specific you can be the easier it is to advise. Lot of us here have been around this circus before!
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Thanks for the Add to the site.
I have representation via a third party site.
The gentleman in question offered his support and previous experience in dealing with similar situations.

My tribunal hearing is imminent and will consist of 1 assessment and 2 entitlement appeals. All will be heard at same hearing date.
The hearing Loss (HL) was initially set at 6 -14% pension as part of the overall 30% Pension award 1994.

I then had a hearing test conducted by my local NHS hospital in 2015. They identified a moderate hearing loss / Bi lateral Noise induced hearing loss, caused by military and police service.

I took my former employers to a civil court. It was agreed that my hearing had diminished but only slightly (de minimis),
and that the military service was the main culprit.

Hence the reason I have went back to the Army/veterans agency for a review.
For information, I originally challenged the VA back in 2015 on an tribunal appeal. It got time barred as my civil case ran on over the PAT Appeals time allowance. So I had to wait until the civil case concluded before I could raise another VA claim.

My gut feeling is the military down played the level of damage caused by them and knowingly allowed me to continue on in my police firearms career. Their take on it at the time was, " As long as you use ear protection and are removed from firearms noise" then your hearing should be fine going forward.
I'm now reliant on hearing aids. I accept there will be age related hearing loss but what I can't accept is the shit steer I got way back in the day from VA.
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Your message is a bit difficult to interpret. I presume you think you have hearing loss?

What is RTS and FFTRS?

If you left in 1990, what do you mean you have kept the same employer?

I know that you know what you mean, but try to read it as a message to somebody who has never heard your story before, never served in the RAF and therefore don't know your three letter acronyms for five star hotel, four star hotel etc, as it is hard to give guidance when you cannot understand the question!

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