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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by washedup, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. I have just returned from my pension appeal and was granted an increase from 30% to 60%. The bloke before me got 20% to 50%. The panel of three were fantastic as was my Legion rep. To anyone thinking about appealing I would say do it as the process was painless and beneficial
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  2. Congrat I have two appeals coming up the first next week and not looking forward to it.

    Are you able to say what condition you were appealling

  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Great news. congrats and thanks. Also waiting on an appeal and acceptance of a new claim (which no doubt the VA will decline and will have to go to appeal as well!) nice to hear good news for a change.
  4. I didn't even get the letter from the SPVA about a medical review, then came a questionnaire, "would I go to a medical if asked again" sent that off and next day got a letter confirming they "cannot increase the rate from 40% after due consideration" :? So I guess that's me for the next three years, all without any idea what the feck went on. 8O

    Mind you, one thing to say, stick it away on a savings account (if you can afford to, not all of us can) because it doesn't come forever.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    You sound like you need some help and advice on that one mate. Don't bother with the RBL they arent much help until it comes to tribunal. get yourself a VA welfare manager or if stuck PM me and I'll give you the details of someone on the board who will be able to point you in the right direction.
  6. I had mine in September and the bloke heading up the Tribunal was a CnuT, and that's a capital C & T, and the Rep from the RBL was completely intimidated by him.

    My best advice is to go well prepared. Have all your paperwork in a chronological order and don't let them rush you. The SPVA Rep that is there to back up their decisions about your initial percentage award won't have f-cking clue about your case, nor will they have ever dealt with it. The incompetence of the SPVA should not be overlooked. In basic terms, the SPVA are useless and will just do the bare minimum when dealing with your case.

    I, like everyone else, signed a disclosure so that they (SPVA) could access all my medical records. In basic terms they never bothered. If they had of done, then it would never have gone to a Tribunal. All that they ever looked at were the reports from my Medical Board and the Report from the agency Doctor that came to my house, and he was also useless.

    I hope that when you were discharged that you submitted a very lengthy and very detailed FMED 24..? If you did, then make sure that you take a copy of it with you. Also take all the correspondence that you have had with the SPVA, as their Rep won't.

    Don't be put off. I never came across the Stasi, but I think that the cnut in charge of my Tribunal probably had. But Hey, hold your own and you should be okay. I got a 20% increase, which was a result as I went along expecting nothing.
  7. I was appealing 30% for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia, Degenerative discs in neck and back and non organic mental disorder. I documented everything from day one and submitted a very detailed F Med 24. I was panicking about the appeal and only met the British Legion Rep about half an hour beforehand. Top tip is the rep will go through a check list of questions with you, answer these as in depth as possible. He will use this to lay your case out to the tribunal, the more indepth the less questions the panel will ask. Before I got there the rep asked me to list how I felt on the day of discharge, I sent this back listing exactly how I felt. Break it down into paragraph headings and then expand on it. I used Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Effect on family, Job prospects etc. Dont be afraid to be open about this. The rep will make this available to the tribunal members. After supplying this and putting my case forward there were virtually no questions from the panel. After five minutes deliberation they doubled my award. They asked if I had anything I wanted to say and I am not ashamed to say I laid my soul bare. Remember your condition will more than likely affect you for life so there is no place for pride! Good luck.
  8. Forgot to say the VA hadnt bothered to do their homework and offered no documentary evidence. They didn't say a word at the appeal and this was highlighted to the panel by my Legion rep. Afterwards the rep told me this was one of the levers he used with the panel as they took a dim view of the VA's lack of preparation. Apologies for poor spelling and grammar in previous and any subsequent post.

  9. Well said. I can't even begin to reiterate how important that point is. You have to just tell them as it is, because if you don't and you keep up that soldierly brave face and say that you can manage, then as far as they're concerned, you can. Simple as. “March OUT” - “NEXT”.

    You should swallow your pride as soon as you begin the Med Discharge process. Gone are the day's whereby you have to lie to your superiors so as to keep ahead of the game and maintain that brave face. “Yes Sir, this Exercise is fantastic”. You have to lay everything on the line. So if your depressed and feeling suicidal then you have to tell them exactley that.