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my oppo gets a war pension from Afghan ops he is walking wounded .
But he has been turned down twice for DLA despite living under the care of the charities mind , combat stress. I THINK HE SHOULD GO TO THE rbl FOR HELP ON THIS MATTER BUT HE SEEMS SO Disheartened by the who;e treatment he got . It took 7 years before he received any help at all and he is Grateful for combat stress and is trying to get a unit set up in Sarfend. I waffle on sorry, do you think he would be entitled to DLA if he gets a war pension.

'SCUSE the typing I am awaiting my computer specs to Arvie for London via Royal mail .
It took me 4 goes to get DLA, luckily I changed my GP and got a really good'un who helped me with the forms. The way to go is answer every question as a worst case scenario, don't pull any punches go full bore.
You said war pension - was he injured before 2005?


The RBL are good in situations like this. The usual starting point for a war pensioner wishing to apply for any allowance is to do so through their local Department for Work and Pensions centre. I have been astonished by how helpful and supportive they have been for me.

The important aspect in applying for allowances is to complete all forms as a description of your worst days. Let them know the full difficulties you have to deal with and ditch all our British training in playing things down. I'm not saying lie, far from it; just help them realise what help and support you need.
Getting disillusioned is not a unusual feeling when being turned down for what you feel is due to you.

The way DLA forms are completed goes a long way to DLA being granted, so often those who really should get it are the ones who do not, as the forms are not easiest things to complete, so the wise words above about getting The RBL to help is definitely the way to go.
I found a useful trick when completing these forms was to read it a least 3 times then answer the questions from the back working forwards as you are often ambushed by leading questions if you start from the front as normal. The other thing to bear in mind is that these forms a paper game and bear little if any relationship to the applicants actual situation but are more about telling the Decision Maker what he or she needs to see in order to "pass or fail" so to speak. I did these things for a while for an advice agency and found by trial and error that many are rejected at the first attempt but overturned on appeal. The Benefits Agency appeared to use a "sickener factor" to discourage claims from being persued.Get help from any reputable agency, RBL ,CAB etc and be prepared to fight it out.
Good luck
Eta Always answer every question on a "worst day scenario"

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