War Pension and Armed Forces Compensation Scheme - why am I down for WP?


My question is: I have made a claim with AFCS, but been told now its being dealt with as a War Pension.

I'm currently serving and have over the years suffered from Hearing Loss. I thought it may be due to having served with Mortars (No.1) for x amount of years and being exposed to loud explosions etc.

After many tests and trips to Gosport, this is not the case. The only other way I can think of my hearing being affected is, when I contracted Bacterial Meningitis in Basic Trg. However that being said my records show I was H1 H1 a few years after this. It looks like my Hearing has been inaccurately recorded and this is not to undermine or question the Regimental Ptes & Lance Jacks that may of recorded these.

I have been given a hearing aid and wear it at home watching TV etc instead of having TV on 50, but won't wear it at work (as you feel a Mong). I should do as I consciously hear myself asking people to repeat themselves.

My claim has been going on for a year now.

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.


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The War Pension Scheme covers up to April 2005 and AFCS covers from April 2005. It sounds like you had service before AFCS started so SPVA must have reason to believe your hearing loss was due to event(s) before the change. As it is a WPS claim you cannot submit your claim until you have left service, unlike AFCS for which you can submit at any time so you should ask SPVA if they are going to make you re-apply or keep your application on hold until your service ends.

It is very important for compensation reasons to find out the correct reason for your hearing loss and as you are still serving get it done now. You don't say what your hearing has been assessed as recently and again it's very important to get an accurate assessment done whilst in service as this is what SPVA will refer to.
Many thanks for your reply.

I have just spoken to them and they are getting someone to call me bk next wk to explain why it's down as a WP. They said it is with their Doctor who makes the decision at the moment.

On the Assessments all they said was, it didn't correspond to being exposed to loud bangs. Are you saying that I can get answers as to why it has occurred?

Thanks again


It sounds like (no pun intended) they have looked at the audiogram and due to the frequency range(s) affected have decided the hearing loss is more likely to have been caused by something other than the noise exposure due to firing mortars.

You need to be aware that just because you have measurable hearing loss it does not necessarily mean you will be awarded compensation. This is because the last Labour government made changes to the frequency levels for which compensation will be paid, resulting in many servicemen (me included) being excluded from WPS and AFCS compensation. Hence why I said it is important to make sure you get the correct reason for your hearing loss; there are different types of hearing loss and these can affect whether or not you receive compensation as SPVA may decide it is not due to service reasons.
Could it be that you have an as yet undiagnosed medical condition and that your hearing would have degraded anyway, notwithstanding your military service?


I was advised by a Doctor to go down this route. If it results in being affected by contracting Meningitis during Basic Trg, will I be covered under the 'Duty of Care' scenario?

Another can of worms really, when a few hrs after being pinned down and made to swallow the saliva of a 'Black Pl Sgt' during trip bk fm Final Ex, I went man down, put in MRS for 3 days as no one knew what was wrong, then woke up in intensive care having contracted the Meningitis (I missed my big day too POP).

So I can ask for the cause of my hearing loss to be determined??

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