War Pension After Operation

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by nigeats, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience of the Veterans Agency in their assessing of people after they have had an operation due to an injury which is/was Attributable to Service. I am presently at 50% and very shortly going to have my hip replaced either lined or a total new hip joint. Dont know what yet till they open me up. Obviously from a financial point of view I dont want to lose the percentage that Iam presently at. An increase would be nice though.! But do they view the operated person "fit" after the operation?
  2. A friend enquired about hip replacement & was told they're normal wear & tear (ie they declined his claim). Your op shouldn't have too much effect on your %.

  3. What were you getting the pension for?

    If it is directly related to the Hip and that is fixed and assuming you do not have pain or difficulty with mobility you pension amy be reduced or even cancelled.

    If the original injury is still assesed (post-op) as causing difficulty your pension should not be effected
  4. get in touch with War Pensions (now called Veterans Agency) Free Phone UK only 0800 1692277

    Text Phone 0800 1693458

    </p> +44 1253 866 043 (from overseas)

    </p> E-mail: help@veteransagency.mod.uk
    or web site at http://www.veteransagency.mod.uk

    </p> If you remain dissatisfied you should contact the Veterans Agency
    Customer Services Manager, Norcross, Blackpool, FY5 3WP, telephone 01253 333600.

    If you are in the UK there should be a number for your local War Pensions Welfare Service in the local phone book or a list of 100 WPWS branches here </a>, whose job it is to help in these matters - I have found WPWS to be very helpful.
  5. I've seen the VA's Doc. He assessed me took a statement from me and then left and I'm waiting now for the VA people to make a decision. Originally my percentage was based on the fact that my injury was attributable to service at 40% I then disputed the level at Tribunal and went upto 50%. Now after operation I am in pain and limping quite severely with the new joint in place. Being at 50% I am in receipt of WPMS, ALSO and fear that my percentage level may be knocked down big time. After Tribunal they also accepted as Attributable my other hip as being arthritic but did not make an adjustment to my % level. They do state that the injured person has to be assessed with someone of similar age who is classed as fit ie, from civvy street. Not many people in civvy street have prosthetic joints therefore can they justify the fact that they would like to see me classed as fit again?
  6. oldbaldy

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    Have the VA contacted you?
    Was your op just done normally through your GP or did you 'queue jump' as you are a pensioner?
    I would think that unless they have been alerted they would have no reason to contact you for a reassement.
    In the normal course of events you would not be called for a reassement unless you ask for it.
  7. I was told that any further injury which could be attributable to your original (pensioned) injury would be added to the %. My original injury was assessed at 50% - internal derangement R knee, ankle and hip have now affected my left knee, hip and lower back. VA accepted this - so you shouldn't have a problem.

    Old Baldy - in theory we have priority for pensioned disability - however it depends on the local health authoprity - here the priority is for drug dealers, users etc and vets are at the bottom of the pile.

    You don't have to notify VA, they will issue a letter with a list of your War pensioned disabilities, which states you have priority for your accepted condition(s) subject to clinical priority - this is effectively a"get
    out" clause for the politico's.
  8. If you wish to appeal a War Penison assessment I recommend you contact The Royal British Legion on 020 7973 7215
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Agreed Rockape but it does mean your GP can badger them.
    Make him/her earn their £100k PA. :evil:
    WPWS can also help apply pressure, as you said earlier they are very helpful.
    Don't know if it applied in this case just generalising. :D