War Pension / AFCS conflicting dates

Good evening all,

I am looking for advice on my predicament, likely outcome / decision etc.

C-PTSD diagnosed by DCMH psychiatrist (2018) relating to Ops in Iraq (Pre 2005) & Afghan (Post 2005). Submitted AFCS claim in 2018, just received 2nd interim payment with final decision scheduled for Sep 2023.

However, on receiving my medical records through a Subject Access Request, they detail an original PTSD diagnosis in Feb 2005 relating to Iraq pre 2005, which would normally be a WP claim.

In this case what happens?

Is it a WP for PTSD pre 2005 & AFCS for Afghan post 2005? Or, should VETS UK have noticed my pre 2005 diagnosis and rejected my AFCS claim in 2018?

In amongst it - it is clear that the treatment or lack of in 2005 allowed me to deploy to Afghan, during which i can only assume i would have been more susceptible to developing C-PTSD.



I don't know the answer, but you may learn something about "spanning cases" in Judge Bano's superb book War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation - Law and Practice (2nd edition). I've attached some screenshots. Apologies if my doing so is against ARRSE rules, but for anyone keen on the legal technicalities of WPS/AFCS/tribunal processes, this book is a must-have (the 1st edition is a fair bit cheaper than the just-released 2nd edition).

Two thoughts:
- When were you discharged?
- Does WPS or AFCS give you a better deal? You may be able to argue your case for either...


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