War Pension Advice Needed

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by johnnyb7932, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I would really appreciate if someone can help. I was diagnosed with the Mental Illness 'Bipolar Disorder' at the start of this year and have since applied for both a War Disablement Pension and to have my Preserved Pension paid early, due to ill health.
    Whilst i await the outcome of their decision, my worry is that 'I WAS NOT' medically discharged from my 10yrs Army service, does this make a big difference? Also, during the years that i served I NEVER seen a Military Doctor for depression (Although looking back now i was depressed a hell of a lot). I was a Corporal in the Infantry and the way i looked at it was that i had an example to set, i.e YOU DO NOT GO SICK WITH DEPRESSION.
    Sorry if this is confusing, i suppose what i am trying to ask is 'Will i be punished for just battling on?' Any help/advice, thankyou in advance.
  2. Johnny, this is just a quick answer, hopefully others will be along soon.

    The important issue as far as a War Pension is concerned is whether your condition was caused by your service (service before 6 Apr 2005 if you are going for war pension as opposed to the current AFCS).

    Delay before seeking help with the condition is recognised as common, especially among serving and veterans. I think Combat Stress quote a typical delay of fourteen years before making first contact with Combat Stress. Good luck!
  3. Thanks hackle,

    My service was between 1996-2006 so i have applied under the old war disablement pension. My worry is that i will be turned down because there will be no record of depression on my Military med docs and i was not med discharged. There was various incidents and long periods of time away that i am 100% sure has contributed to my diagnosis but how do i prove this IF i am knocked back?
    As i say, it will feel like a punishment for just getting on with my job and not complaining. I served in Bosnia, Kosovo and NI various times. Any other advice from anyone i would be grateful for.
  4. Yes i had read that before thanks. I had hoped/hope to hear from any others who had NOT been MD'd but were still successful with their pension claims.
    I am taking medication and seeing Doctor's constantly (a bit depressing in itself). Thankyou for your comment.
  5. I was MD'd but was in effect outside the system as my unit failed to do their part of the process apart from advertising my job. You can chase both War Pensions and AFCS yourself, as I did, but it can be a hard slog at times.

    In my case War Pensions seemed to be a much slicker process (but it's been going for much longer) but they did seem to get held up getting hold of my Med Docs whereas AFCS got them very quick!

    Both systems are currently suffering from a lack of personnel at a time when their are a heck of a lot of claims going through so bear with them!
  6. Mental Health problems can hit people at any time in their life & can often be triggered by something they have experienced.
    Don't bottle up any thought, take your medication regularly and see if you can see a counsellor to talk through any problems before they get worse.
    And above take one day at a time and you will get over this.
  7. Thanks again for the replies and advice.
  8. I have answered your PM sorry for the delay I have sight problems and my software did not pick up I had a message