War & Peace Show July 21st-25th, 2010

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by viceroy, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. Worth while going or a big walt-fest?
  2. I thought it was good day out when I went a few years ago and would go again, but then again I am an infantry Walt after 10 years RCT !
    some right annoying cnuts in up to date kit though - don't go there straight after a tour pi$$ed up or you could be slung in the 1940's guardroom
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Daughter & SIL will be there with there bloody great RIO converted into a caravan. If you see them holding up traffic on A12 or M25 give them a wave. :)
  4. NO, Never again will I go! Seeing Dutch/German blokes marching round dressed up as Waffen SS or their kids in Hitler youth uniforms. British blokes dressed as anything US military,mostly WW2 airborne or Vietnam air cav, saluting each other, horrible cringing.
    etc. On the plus side lot's of nice tanks, eh? thats about it.
  5. It's a great few days,I shall be camping againg this year. The people to get in with are the Eastern European groups,The Bratislava Military Vehicle Club have a BMP driver that would scare Lewis Hamilton shitless,always outshines the Brits on the Arena drives,but then again he was a professional. In the evening the hospitality is even better,they have some very strange spirits,these Eastern Europeans!
  6. Honestly I am none the wiser... anyone care to join this coming Thu 22nd, holding hands and taking the collective piss? ...or should I have posted in the lonely heart section?
  7. A good day out IMHO. Leave your wallet at home though, unless you want alot of kit you don't really need. Charlie G Drill round anyone?
  8. Supposedly the largest of it's kind in the world it certainly seems like when the streets are filled with assorted green machines, Waitrose's aisles are filled with bods in mis-matched uniforms, selling out of beer and BBQ stuff (and the car park is again full of said machines, usually sporting various flags) and Esso runs dry every year.

    I've never been to it but being local, and when the wind's in the right direction, I am party to the middle-of-the-night raids on each others' encampments, including sound effects! A wander along a local footpath on last Sunday evening took me right through one of the many fields being camped in so I got a buckshee view of the many vehicles already parked up.

    Anyway, reason for my post: does anyone have a programme and can tell me what time the Red Arrows will be over tomorrow? I'll be at work but a friend is intending on being on said footpath at the appropriate time and I can't find it online. Plus, if anyone is visiting the show/camping and would like insider information on where to find the best beer/food/curry/accommodation/parking then for a small donation to hols4heroes pot I'm the woman in the know!
  9. Have to admit I will be there tomorow with my M38a1 jeep , 6 mates have between them 25 + ex mill vehicles , ranging from WW2 jeeps, halftracks , GMC's to a chieftan and WW2 M10 tankdestroyer and a Sexton , its a good excuse for them to leave the WAG's and rugrats at home and sit around talking mens stuff for a week.
    All the vehicles are also used for films etc to help pay for upkeep, we don't do the dressing up thing unless the setting requires it.
    Yes its very walty , some people will even scare you ( are they realy allowed out ? ), but if you have a vague interest in old mill vehicles then its well worth a visit , and you will be shocked at how much people will pay for old green crap , as OP's have said the guys in modern stuff are a little more than OTT , will never forget the sight of a stick of guys jumping out of a Saracen and patroling away from it in seperate arcs.... in a car park !
    For me as a Mech its a chance to see and hear some old vehicles but then I'm strange cause I also like old planes and traction engines.
    Worth a look but not a cheap day out
  10. What a walt fest it was. Here is a half day of my life I will never get back. I will post some pictures once I have my camera that will speak more than words.
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I went to the Dacorum Steam Rally on Saturday and encountered two new kinds of waltery that I have never encountered before.

    1950s road workers walts and Fire Brigade walts.

    The first lot seemed harmless enough and had basically set up a typical 1950s set of road works, complete with vintage traffic cones, diggers and barriers and spent the day digging holes and filling them in again while dressed as Irish navvies.

    The second lot were a tad more disturbing. Now I can understand buying and owning an old shiny fire engine from say, the 1960s or earlier, you know the kind, with chrome everywhere etc? Well this lot were none the sort. They had newish, i.e just out of service, fire engines and modern uniforms. To all intents and purposes they looked exactly like the modern fire brigade and even cut up a car and put out a small skip fire for the delight of the crowd. Now to be fair they did explain that they were not the real fire brigade, but seriously, what a hobby.
  12. I did tell you!
  13. I was there Thursday evening,to Saturday evening,fabulous time.

    Missed the Red Arrows on Thursday (deliberately),Friday afternoon,Hurricane,and Spitfire,over the Hop Farm,Saturday afternoon nap interupted by Lancaster,sat up,and everyone I could see had stopped what they were doing and looked up,fantastic.

    Went up to the guy who runs tanksforsale.co.uk,who had a BTR 60 for sale,asked him how much,£30,000 was his reply,for that sort of money,I want a roof on,I dont like convertibles was my reply,and he went of chuckling.

    My only complaint was too many jeeps,and Landrovers,other than that another good year,as for Walts,as long as it keeps them happy,and they're not taking the piss,who cares,lifes to short.
  14. Had to see it with my own two eyes mate! Waltism is even heridatry as you will see in my photographic evidence. What facsinates me is the keen interest people have in deactivated weapons, wtf is the point of buying a weapon if you can't shoot it? Also what is the deal with them feckin cloggs, they are into walting and flogging walt kit big time, is there a walt organisation headquartered in Amsterdam?
  15. Well,it's called "living history",and the solution is quite simple,If it upset your delicate nature so much,don't go.

    I dare say there are more people there enjoying it,for enjoyments sake,that have spent more time in the NAAFI queue,than you have served.

    As for me,I was there with a Frenchman who has rescued,and restored two vehicles used by Brixmis (before your time I should think),one of which is a 4x4 car,of which there are only 3 still in existence,and a Mercedes G/wagen again limited numbers in existence,so why shouldn't he come over and show off these vehicles,and dress the part?