War on Terror lost?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, May 22, 2005.

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  1. Is the "war on terror" lost?

    UK troops (as part of NATO ARRC ISAF) are likely to rotate from Iraq into Afghanistan to "finish the job" of 2001/2002. This will leave a security gap in Iraq. Will the US fill this - perhaps making things worse? No-one else will! Where will further troops come from? More reservists? Can the Iraqis take over security? The South Vietnamese did three decades ago in a similar situation!

    The US admit publicly that the insurgency is delaying reconstruction. As a lack of reconstruction fuels support for insurgency, then this is a vicious cycle! Will Iraq descent into irretrievable chaos?

    Can Afghanistan be stabilised? Have inept attempts to curb poppy cultivation caused unrest that could lead to an uprising?

    Dubya only has 2 years left to make the best of a bad job before the Republicans need to pick a successor. Will the "war on terror" be a campaign issue? Will the US public be pro, anti or bored?

    What will a post-Dubya US do? Will it pull the troops back and adopt an isolationist stance?

    Where did it go wrong? I would say with Iraq - an invasion was unnecessary. This led to premature withdrawal from Afghanistan with the consequences we now see. Even if it is accepted for arguments sake that Iraq was a necessary target, then the timing of military action was appalling (spring is followed by summer north of the Equator) and it went ahead in the face of widespread international opposition. The occupation has been handled in the most inept manner possible and this is wholly the fault of the politicians and senior officials in the US and UK who mostly remain in their jobs or who have been promoted in some cases.
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The war on tourism was lost as soon as Blair and Bush ran round like headless chickens bringing in legislation to restrict freedom of speech and movement whilst classifying nail clippers as weapons.

    A terrorist aims to disrupt normal life, the IRA failed, Osamo succeeded.
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  3. Gentlemen, i agree completely with you both. Perhaps this is just the sort of bloody nose that are liar in chief needs. Lessons learned? I hope so, for the sake of all are people in Iraq and soon to be Iran.
    We need to stop being the world's policemen, stop kissing dubbya's ass and stay out of anything that doesn't directly affect the security of our nation. I'm sorry to say, but the situation we find ourselves in today, and make no mistake, this will be our vietnam, is entirely of our own making.
    God bless all our brave service men/women out there!!!!!!
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  4. Agreed. We should keep the Middle East and associated Islamist nations at a safe distance and leave them to sort out their Sunni/Shi'ite Islam-Off in sweet isolation. **** their oil, we have fracking now (fingers crossed).
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Depends how you judge "winning" - terrorist attacks (on the west) are generally down, with lots of the baddie leadership dead etc.
    The face they are killing each other in their own countries, in a coldblooded way, is not our problem. Governments and armies have to look after their own citizens first.
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  6. But, but, Mr Tony said that we had to go to Iraq to stop those WMD's from reaching us in 45 minutes, and Gordon of the Manse said that if we didn't stop the baddies in Afghanistan, they would be here in the village green beheading the vicar and deflowering the maidens, and then there was building of schools and giving people the freedom to fly kites and listen to music and stopping heroin trafficking...and...and...erm...well something else this week. But we will be able to declare a victory because that nice man David has promised and crossed his heart and everything.
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  7. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Not as bad as the stats in the war on drugs.

    Who said the Yanks understood foreign policy?
  8. On sod it. GWOT was always a ****ing stupid concept. Charging about the world delivering main force in massive quantities that old skool colonial powers would have found ridiculous against a truly puny enemy that at best numbered in the 10s of thousands. Yes these people can still,ignite their bottoms on civil aviation, bust the odd prison and panic the NSA with a flood of sigint but they are essentially litter on the pavement in world affairs. Get a grip.
  9. Terrorist attacks are down from what? They were hardly an everyday occurrence before.

    We've also spent thousands of lives, and rallied tens of thousands of hostile recruits to 'the cause'.

    Nobody was ever going to win. Afghanistan was a PR job to pacify an angry American public, and Iraq was a completely unnecessary, massively expensive, embarassing ego-driven cluster**** from start to finish.
  10. "Rant mode on"
    The Powers that be would like Joe Public to believe that if we cease the War on Terror (TWAT), Terry Taliban will arrive in London or Manhattan the very next day and start exploding all over the place, raping our Women and beheading our children.

    But-----the Terrorists have been defeated...The Terror Network (a figment of the CIA`s imagination) Al Queda is no more...Bin Laden is dead...it must be true because George (****er) Bush and Obama said so. Operation TWAT is a raging success. Anyone who dares to Disagree is a Terrorist will be sorted by a secret, unnamed, nonexistent agency driving Black SUVs.

    Nothing has been achieved...not for the Iraquis or the Afghans. The Opium output has actually risen and the Taliban still have control. The Schools, Hospitals, Bridges, Irrigation, Roads, Communications.....Oops..sorry..that version of the plan was sacked on H hour + 2

    We expend huge amounts of Ordanance and Manpower to slot one or two of them and they are legion. Does the Taxpayer actually know just what a JDAM or Hellfire costs?.
    The whole of the Middle east has been destabilized and is, arguably, more volatile that it was previously...especially Pakistan. We have ****ed up in Iraq,Libya,Egypt,Algeria..whos next..Syria..Iran?

    These wars have made a few people a very large amount of money (KBR and Blackwater for example) not to mention the Defence industry and have eroded our Civil rights to the extent that we now live in a virtual Police State where anything that you say, communicate, do, or might think of doing will be used against you in the event of you popping up on the thought Police`s Radar. Erich Honecker and his STASI henchmen would have been Proud.

    The cost to our own soldiers and those who support them is immense and the Bill has yet to be paid in the years ahead. There are some very F***cked up people out there and the ghosts will be back to haunt them. Who will care for them..I suspect no one.

    Maybe the US of A should stop sticking their noses into business that doesn`t concern them and concentrate on the real terrorism at their own Border!

    In Mexico the Drug Cartels have killed an estimated 48,000 people in the last 5 years - makes chilling reading.


    "Rant Mode off"
    Now wheres me Blood Pressure tablets....
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  11. The so called global war on terror was lost the day the yanks started it. The "global war on terror" is only against those terrorists who want to hurt the US. Has the US (or the rest of the NATO allies) been helping to destroy ETA, INLA, IPLO, PIRA, KWP, Tamil Tigers etc etc etc etc? Not as far as I can see.
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  12. So what do you suggest we do?
  13. It was never a war on terror - it was a war on radical islam. It's not been lost it's just ongoing - anyone who thinks after afghan that we won't be attacking and taking out those who want to destroy everything we stand for is retarded.

    Sorry - but I remember where I was when the planes went into the towers, and where I was when the bombs went off on the tube. We cannot excuse or sympathise with that.
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  14. Stop looking at Jarods Brown starfish then...

    Tamil Tigers designated as terrorist organization by US in October 1997 designated as terrorist by UK in November 2001

    CIRA- July 2004

    RIRA/32CSM- May 2001

    ETA- Oct 1997

    KWP- Korean Workers Party?

    Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs)

    Foreign Terrorist Organizations
  15. Stop listening to the US state that its a global war on terror (if they still are) and stop fighting their wars