War on Plastic

I am glad to see that the Government are concentrating on the really important issues facing the UK today and not simply announcing newsbites which will distract the public from matters which really concern them...

I for one am fed up with gangs of plastic bottles and straws selling drugs, stabbing people, driving like cnuts on stolen mopeds, abusing kids on the internet and illegally entering the country.

They will be making chemical attacks on civilians next just you wait and see...
Plastic polution of the marine enivironment should concern us, as it will end up in the food chain. Anyway, I know a way to avoid plastic coffee cups causing problems - drink tea instead.
What winds me up is the way that they re portraying this as a new thing.
I remember being on holiday years ago and being told that no plastic shite was avaiiable because of marine pollution.
The gov are now putting it across as if it was their idea.
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