War on Drugs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. No, lets carry on regardless.

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  2. Yes, and tax them!

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  3. Whoa... heavy. What was the question man?

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  1. BBC News - Global war on drugs 'has failed' say former leaders

    Anyone think we are winning the 'war on drugs'?

    I don't, and think the only people benefiting from current policy are the criminal gangs shipping & dealing the shit.
  2. Call me old fashioned but I still believe that it would be immoral for society to legalise and tax drugs. Most of them are still quite dangerous and the level of addiction they often cause cannot be compared to anything legal bar tobacco, which we cannot ban because it is so deeply ingrained into our society (apologies to any smokers out there but I agree with the idea that if tobacco were discovered today it would be an illegal drug).
    However ineffective our drugs policy is surely it maintains the moral high ground (which our legal system should) and acts as some sort of deterrant to young people especially. It also, critically, reduces availability because as the addict who offered a statement to the BBC said he would have killed himself in a month if he could buy any of the drugs he wanted at a reasonable rate and free of suspicion from the law.
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  3. No, but thats because in wars people die. I don't see many drug dealers in western countries getting the good news. Therefor it isn't a war. The law pisses about with these ******* instead of cracking them over the head repeatedly.
  4. America tried alcohol prohibition because of the harm alcohol was doing to society. When it realized they could never stop the consumption of alcohol, or prevent criminal organizations supplying and profiting from this trade they reversed their policy.

    In what way is the current drug problem any different?
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  5. Winning the war on drugs? I'm coming across more and more jobs involving possession in the army. Sadly, I think we're not even scratching the surface.
  6. Because the majority of the population prior to the US prohibition drank. This is not, and has never been the case with illegal drugs. They are taken by a small social minority. The issues around the drugs problem are mainly caused by the vast criminal organisations which are needed to run the drugs. Alcohol prohibition ended in no small part due to the VAST crimewave it heralded, with its tendrils permiating every level of society. The drugs cartels are not, and have never been this big or powerful and donot threaten the integrity of our politics or legal institutions.

    The war on drugs is similar to the prohibition, but on an infinitessimally smaller scale. We should keep on fighting.
  7. Please tell that to the Mexicans - 34,600 people dead in 4 1/2 years.

    Or the 2000 Thai yaba dealers shot dead by extra judical murder squads
    (yaba still widely available & the trade commonly believed to be controlled by the Thai Generals importing from Myanmar)
  8. Make the consumption of something illegal and you put the supply of it in the hands of criminals. If sufficient numbers of idiots want it, all the ban achieves is to make the criminals far more powerful than they were before.

    As to protecting people from overdoses, I don't think we should be in the business of protecting people from suicidal stupidity.
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  9. The issue is that it isn't stupidity. I don't care if some moron drinks ammonia and dies because he though it was lemonade. The problem is that its addiction. Some people simply cannot stop themselves from taking drugs until they overdose and die. People should be protected from substances which they compulsively take until they die. It is morally wrong to legalise drugs, and to tax them would be making money from some people's suffering.
  10. Who's turn is it roll at fat one then?

    In twenty years time, the same will be said again, (can't find a stoner smiley).
  11. I've seen first hand the harm some of the higher classification drugs can do, and I personally believe that dealers and traffickers ought be hanged or shot. My bezzer has recently started smoking weed every so often, and I've told him that if I catch him at it I'll give him a fair ole' kicking and never talk to him again. It's a severe problem in society that needs to be dealt with properly instead of the limp wristed approach going on today, where every so often the police in a certain area decide to have a "crackdown" on drugs, kick a few doors in and hope for some good publicity. Sorry ole' state of affairs.
  12. Despite their location I don't class them as western, by western I meant the all the liberal countries that puts the needs of smackhead scumbags above those of the law abiding citizens.
  13. Taking highly addictive and harmful substances because they make you feel good for a bit is a pretty good definition of stupidity, IMO. I can't see why they have less of a duty to themselves than we apparently have to them.

    If they want to kill themselves, I won't stand in their way. At least it's not so inconsiderate as jumping in front of a train.
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  14. Smack doesn't come from Mexico?
  15. Nature's pruning-hook in action.