War on doleys a bad move?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. A few years ago political war was declared on smokers, and of course every anti smoker jumped on the band wagon and applauded every new anti smoking law that was passed.

    The negative results of all this were that the hospitality sector was hit hard and government made less in tax, thus solving one problem whilst creating another.

    Now the new target of the month is War on doleys, you know, those scrounging little work-shy bastards that Cameron et al have Vowed in elegance to eliminate, and of course every anti doley has once again jumped on the bandwagon.

    The question is .... With Britain's economy now sinking by the head (3,000 made redundant from BAE only yesterday) and with it being a sin to claim benefits these days (according to society) have we cut our nose off to spite our face?

    The morale of the story being ..... Think of the consequences of your actions before you leap with your political sword.
  2. Where do you propose these "doleys" find work?
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  3. Was beaten to it, agree with VM, stamp your feet all you want, if there's no work then what?
    Is anyone naiive enough to think that everyone on the dole will become an entrepernure(spelling) overnight?
  4. the idea behind the "war on dole bludgers" is idealogical and thus rather hastily unthoughtout.

    it will take years (possibley decades) for the general population to recover from the rampent disolution of morality caused by the new labour ideals and policies.

    whislt i support the the idea of making people do shit jobs like cleaning the public bogs and picking up litter in order to recive dole money that both doesnt combat the endemic problems wiht societies having lost its impetus to beter itself or the problem of no jobs around.

    the welfare work schemes in the usa only work where certain relaxations to the rules are used by the "employers" like allowing a person an hour off here and there for personal admin which is in start contrast to the laid down rules for the scheme, thats not giving permision ot blow off the job on a regular basis but the odd legitimate event, from what i read of the proposals formulated thus far they are to rigid and not going to work, not to mention only be enforcable in too few cases to be worth the cost of the making hte changes.
    anyone who has fallen into the trap of not being elidgable despite genuine medical problems to claim ESA and forced to claim JSA, are going ot be the loosers whilst the hapless scroungers will continue to be given ESA for their addiction to substance abuse (legal or illegal)

    if they really wanted ot shake the system up re writing the ESA medical assesment to actually utilise standard medical paperwork instead of totally ignoring anything written by anyone not on the payrole of ATOS origin, and again haivng someone who has medical knowledge making the assesments of ability level (ok not the persons own GP or practice doc's but perhaps a panle of 2 or 3 doc's not bloody midwives or gyn/obs surgons from a different area) then and only then would real changes to the welfare system in a work for food scheme be workable and enforcable.

    broad brush aproaches like this one will see more chaos as the effects are felt across the country
  5. Job creation schemes?
    I can think of a good one. Get the lazy workshy ******* doleys to dig a big **** off hole. Then come along and tell them its in the wrong place and to fill that hole back in and dig another one over there instead. Come back later and tell them it's still in the wrong place and to dig back where the first hole was.
    Continue ad infinitum until they 'Get their minds right'. Then push their exhausted bodies in the hole and get another team of doleys to fill in the hole. Then come back later and tell them...
  6. You missed one mate.
  7. People cry that there are no jobs it's a lie or all the poles and Latvians would have fucked off.
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  8. This is a serious problem facing our society mate, A huge **** off problem in fact, (a bit like the size of your above mentioned hole) :)
  9. There's loads of jobs, it's just that the media makes every Cnut believe that they should walk out of school with fook all, become Alun Sugars apprentice the Monday after, and drive around in an Aston Martin.

    The dole should be there to help someone who's genuinely struggling. Not fund some lazy fookers long term loafing.
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  10. why there raking it off the benefit claims and being exempted from the minimum wage rules makes them the only people the cash strapped buisnesses can afford not to mention they dont need ot make nic's for them since there not uk citizens

    its all in them oh so great eu regulations that the uk is the only stupid fuckwit country to obey, if htey want proper war on dole thieves then get us out of the bloody eu for a start and stop paying all those benfit migrants there cash, that will save 25% of the legal calims and around 30% of the fraud claims, further reduce the claims by kicking all the illegals on a few boats (i hear the navy are giving there old heaps to some overseas country) and ship off into the sunset another 50% of the fraud claims removed and another 30% of legal claims gone oh **** me thats an estimated 80% reduction in welfare budgets and we didnt even make any jobs.

    and for the doubters the illegals and the migrants dont claim esa or jsa in the main they claim income support (a hidden statistic) and the other welfare benefits upto and above there entitlements.
  11. There is only one road this policy will lead us to ...... Bread and water for the working class while the toffs enjoy and revel in their luxury lifestyles.

    What else did you expect from the Tory's?

    B.T.W ..... It is a fact of life that around half of all row's in marriages/relationships are over finance and this is also the number one factor that causes stress and depression and the most strain on the family leading ultimately to a family break up.

    Hence ...... "Money is the root cause of all evil".

    Now, on a mush brighter note! :)
  12. I was encouraging an alcoholic patient to get back into work I warned him he'll end up with no benefits. The chap said he'd rather hang himself than get a job.
  13. A cogent point Jarrod, there will always be a hardcore where not working IS a job, and many just incapable of work (personality disorders).
  14. Actually joking apart, I would like to see some return for our money if these 'so called' workshy people are getting benefits for nothing. It should never have been allowed to develop into the free for all society that we now have. But it has, and the only way out is to dig ourselves out of the metaphorical hole I described earlier. Some of them must be able to contribute in some way, it's bloody ridiculous to see them hanging around when the parks and landscape need attending to. They could be working on learning about growing land management whilst planting our villages and towns up, learning how to grow their own food to cut costs and to actually contribute to society with harvest sharing schemes. The gardens in the council estates have the space to grow food and they have to maintain them as part of their contract.

    We have just managed to obtain a piece of land to ease the parking problems in the village. We've got funding for the insurance indemnity, some lockable gates and someone tom opemn and close them at morning and night. Problem is, we need some volunteers to clear the overgrown hardcored area, ready to accept cars. Can we get anyone? No. Not one volunteer (apart from myself and one other) But there's all this labour (already paid for) that's just waiting to be harnessed. I'm not suggesting compulsory work parties or tying them to plughs and whipping them, just a start on the ladder to solving some of society's problems. There must be loads of things like this just waiting for someone to get them off the ground. There's no magic big fix, but what's needed is a lot of small fixes all over, to make a little difference and give them some self respect and job satisfaction the process.
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  15. Patients in the asylums often had jobs, people in wheelchairs can work.
    Many are able to do some form of work.
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