War Of The Worlds (French series)

Now thats more like it!
Very tense, well acted, woke filter not turned up top 11… only watched Ep I, really got a sense of impending menace.

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Do they parlez Anglais or is it subtitled?


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I'm looking forward to this.
The French (like the Germans) make terrific films and TV when they push the boat out.
I'll bet it is more accurate to HG Wells than the latest BBC crock which I have thankfully missed due to the reception on this forum.
"Regardez la Tonnerre-Enfant! Elle frappant les Martien-Rosbifs! A l'eau c'est 'heure!" :headbang: :salut:

Zut alors! Les matelots ils flambee, fricassee, grille et run-away... :pissedoff: