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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Gary Brecher is a Hizbollah 'Hero' who hates the Jews as much as
    he hates America. (a feckin lying traitor and a commie wannabe)

  3. does that make his points any less valid?
  4. Don't hold back: tell us what you really think of him...
  5. Quite a good read, I like his pen picture of Iran, not sure where he gets his info from

    standy for "our friends" to get a mega sulk on

  6. quiller wrote:

    Yes it does. Take for instance what he said about Hizbollah
    routing the Isreali's outta southern Lebanon back in '85.
    As I remember the Jews defeated the PLO.
    It was President Reagan who talked them out...and
    unfortunately sent in the Marines with no bullets and
    allowed the PLO dregs to escape their fate.
  7. Weatherman,

    Let explain PLO does not = Hizballah

    The PLO are/were a socialist Palestinian terror and political organisation, fighting for a Palestinian homeland. Hizballah (party of god) are a Shia (Iranian backed) political and military movement involved in the civil war in Lebanon. Hizballah, perhaps did not rout the Isreali's but their attritional war in S Lebanon and N Israel played a significant part in the withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon.

    Having been at the receiving end of Katusha attack in Israel in 1993, they seemed about as effective as pissing on an oil fire. Notwithstanding this they and Hamas now represent the political/military force in fighting the Israeli's and more significantly providing welfare and moral and religious education in the shit hole that is Gaza.

    It is sensible when talking about terrorists to know a little about each group rather than lumping them altogether; it generally helps when developing a counter insurgency approach.

    Aside from that War Nerd made a valid comment about the car bomb vs cruise missiles. Equally true of the human suicide bomber in Israel.
  8. War Nerd! Yeah! Damn, I knew from the rash I was missing something in my brain diet!

    PS, I think anyone who took part in the final Israeli evacuation of South Lebanon in 1999 would hold a healthy respect for Hizbullah's capabilities. The Israelis could never really secure the south and H gradually increased the toll on them and the SLA until the latter collapsed. Amongst other things they introduced the mobile phone triggered bomb and the attack hang-glider (seriously) to warfare.

    Hizbullah are NOT repeat NOT a PLO faction. When the Israelis went into Beirut after the PLO they were some 40 to 60kms north of the Hizbullah zone in the south - which became a serious problem for them later on. Indeed, the Israelis defeated the PLO and chased them into ships. If that was it, who kept blowing up Israeli OPs with wire guided missiles until 1999? The Cats' Protection League (South Lebanon and Bekaa Valley Chapter)?
  9. I did not mean to infer the PLO and Hizbullah are the same.

    Hizbullah are Iran's lackys. No?

  10. Do you have anything more coherent to offer to support those statements or do you just feel threatened by different world-views ?

    If the former then I'd be interested to hear, I don't agree with everything he says but it's usually worth reading. If the latter then I'd point you at mil.com rather than arrse, you'll fit right in there.