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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by greyfergie, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. The 'ultimate' Old & Bolds I suppose.... And I tried really hard with the search function but could find nothing similar....

    But I came across this nice simple memorial yesterday..... totally classical - WW1, WW2, Korea etc.


    But I was 'most moved', if that's the right expression, by a modern kids (and it was schoolchildren) effort at the same thing....

    Is graffiti wall art appropriate? I thought so....
    Any other examples from up and down this green and pleasant land?

    (If I've duplicated or put it in the wrong place please move etc...)
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  2. Images don't load. Maybe it's my device...
  3. Work for me.
  4. Bugger!
  5. OK, must be my device then.
  6. Andreas_Wank

    Andreas_Wank On ROPs

    They`re a little on the large side. These might be better.


    Screenshot from 2017-07-15 15:41:30.png
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  7. Can I resize?
  8. The town war memorial at Royston, Herts, is a bit different from most;
    Erected in1922 (according to the council's website),
    "The central portion of Portland stone contains a group of figures, the centre one being Thomas Cartwright. The other figures represent a bowman at Agincourt, a medieval knight in armour, a soldier of Queen Elizabeth 1, one of Cromwell’s Ironsides, a soldier of George II and one from Wellington’s army at Waterloo. In front is a two-foot high bronze statuette of a private of the First World War with a crow at his feet."
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  9. Interesting that the OP memorial goes down to battalions, you don't often see that.
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  10. Small village community I'm guessing?
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  11. Very rare, even CWGC gravestones will not give battalion. With memorials in Wales it can be a problem, with a list of Jones and Williams and no unit given.
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  12. This one was at Lydney so I'm guessing that's why the high proportion of Glosters?
  13. I've seen some in Wales where they list, after the name, where they lived - house, farm, etc, e.g. E.W. Jones, Hafod Wen, RWF.
    ETA, especially useful if , as you say, no unit given.
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  14. 10th Battalion jumps out at me. Being a service battalion, better known as PALS battalions I guess the recruitment was around that area. Cross battalion moves common after 1916 with the introduction of conscription.
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