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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Fatherless swine!
    Public flogging nothing less

    ... "Aldershot Civic Society chairman Len Lamplugh said: “At our next quarterly meeting with the council we are going to bring the subject of antisocial behaviour up"...
    That will cure it then!
  2. Disgusting. Even Hitler Ordered that all WW1 graves & memorials to be left alone. None were ever touched.

    It's a shame Chav scum cannot do the same!.
  3. Well done Rushmoore BC for reacting so quickly.

  4. I never wrote that?????
  5. Very quick MM, it was only there for 20 seconds......

    Cut & Paste, it will be my downfall one day!

  6. Apologies accepted DOE.
  7. Just come from 4 Div (with a trip to parts foreign then) to new posting. Aldersh1t was the grimmest place I have seen in some time. Unremittingly 'orrible. I spared myself the unholy triumvirate of The Queen's Head, The Goose and Cheeks.

    Always fun to watch kids being shouted at in Tesco, mind you not as bad as ASDA in Farnborough.

    See attached link for town profile

  8. It's going to get worse as well, the council have decided they're only going to empty our bins every two weeks, cheeky feckers, rebate on the council tax going to be called for.