War memorial to get Lottery funding

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. Remember some very upset people at this a few months ago; lottery money going here, there and everywhere but a war memorial didn't "fit their criteria".

    Well, now the lottery have done the decent thing and given the project £2.8million. Good work - shame people had to get so worked up before anything was done about it

  2. about time too, 99% of lottery money goes to the wrong people :x
  3. Too bad that in this world this is actually newsworthy!!!!!
  4. This is good news, a big thumbs up to the National Lottery! Nice One...

  5. Shame they refused money to the Falklands Veterans project.
  6. Good to hear!

    If anyone hasn't managed to go to the National Arboretum, I recommend they go at least once.
  7. Any money for a memorial is good, but the Government who sent the soldiers there in the first place should pay. Does it not distance the government from the act of it was they who got the soldiers killed? By getting lottery money to pay for it may be wrong and I think it is sad when a charity starts to pay for war memorials.
  8. When Tony Bliar resigns we should kindap the cnut and turn him into a war memorial... Damien Hurst style :twisted: :twisted:
  9. It commemerates all those killed by terrorist activity. There were 679 lost in the troubles alone - are the present government "to blame" for that?
    Perhaps the Government should pay for it - but lottery money is public money all the same
  10. Even if they do have a project called Veterans Reunited
  11. It should be funded by the taxpayer. The lottery (or taxation through the back door) route gets Blair / Brown off the hook, as it was designed to do. To me, it's another reason not to buy a lottery ticket. We should be lobbying our MPs to dismantle the lottery, all charities and instead, raise enough tax to fund the people and causes that need the money.
  12. I know the terrorist aspect does not directly make the government to blame per se, but a national tribute should not, in my opinion be funded by the profit margins of a giant bingo competition. The nation is the Government so a national memorial should be paid by the nation, ie, through direct tax. How would you feel if you son was blown up on the underground and the system would not pay for a tribute and you had to go to a national gambling competition for funding?

    Whilst happy the memorial is getting money it does worry me that this will be the start of it. What next? Possibly the war graves in Belgium & France being maintained for via a Private Finance Initiative with a company logo and mission statement above the Menin Gates....? Oh, and of course a disclaimer from HMG stating "HMG accepts no responsibility for the....."