War Memorial Stolen

armchair_jihad said:
was it bronze?
Doesn't the link show, AJ??

Forgot - You are in China - here's the article

Thieves have stolen a town's war memorial from its plinth, just two days after 5,000 people gathered to mark their respect to victims of war.

The 5ft (1.5m) bronze statue of a soldier was taken from Nuneaton's Riversley Park early on Tuesday.

A council spokesman said he was outraged someone could steal a poignant symbol of dedication and sacrifice presumably for commercial gain.

The statue is the focal point of remembrance for Nuneaton and Bedworth.

It depicts an infantryman wearing a British Army uniform worn in the Boer War between 1899 and 1902.

Known as the South African War Memorial, it was situated on the Coton Road side of the park, opposite the Ex-serviceman's Club.

Dennis Harvey, leader of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, said the council would work closely with police to track down the thieves.

"In the meantime I would appeal to anyone who noticed any unusual activity in the Coton Road area during the night, or anyone who is offered a large quantity of bronze for reprocessing, to report the matter to the police."

The thieves are thought to have used an angle grinder to cut down the statue from its plinth.

There You go
Jesus! Pikey fcuks - better get everyone to keep an eye on any similar memorials - they have been stealing mainly art works up until now, if they have gone this low they will be after everything.

There cannot be that many scrap metal firms that would melt stuff like this down.

This is not the work of any native born British person - I sense the hand of SE Europe in this.
A-Jihad - a very racist comment there. Why couldn't it be the local scummers who thought they could sell it for scrap? I find your comments very offensive
No I think Jihad is right, there has been a marked increase in this type of crime by our guest residents.

Sometimes the butler did do it you know!
Regardless of 'who' did it, with a 5ft1 statue made of bronze, that's got to be a few perps at least. One of them is bound to make the mistake of bigging himself up over this, or seek to make a quick buck.

Their stupidity will get the better of them!
so Johnny Foreigner gets the blame again - specifically those from SE Europe. There are no homegrown criminals in Britain?

That means those from the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria and possibly Hungary. Poland, with far the most "guests" is NE Europe so it can't be them, even though they outnumber all of the aformentioned put together. But then they do look alot "whiter" than those closer to the Med!
Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
A-Jihad - a very racist comment there. Why couldn't it be the local scummers who thought they could sell it for scrap? I find your comments very offensive
racist? please explain.
I think your comment that it can't be the work of anyone British born says it all

No wonder the BNP are getting votes with nobs like you!
This is becoming a far too common crime; a bronze of a horseman (Boer War?) was stolen recently (sorry can't find the link) from a grave in a churchyard on the Wilts/Dorset border, and it was alarmed after a previous attempt.

Pikey? Racist?
Given that it's almost an exclusive crime carried out by the "travelling community" I think the earlier comments are quite fair.
I cannot believe that someone unrestrained holds such a level of moron-ness. But unfortunately I can believe it being a person born and bred here as well as anyone else. Is there that much money in bronze, or is there some other practicality I can't see in this?
Perhaps he meant that most criminals British born would not touch it beacuse they would be aware of the hue and outcry that would follow (and hopefully would not stoop so low!). Chavs and angle grinders dont mix somehow, they are more likely to steel the popply collection tin.

Therefore who would? Of all the imigrants in the UK those coming from SE Europe most fit the bill. Sorry if that hurts you sensibilities.
Before the effing 'liberals' here wind themselves up and start accusing ArmchairJ of being racist, a bit of information from someone who lives in Central Europe and who has almost daily contact with Roma (me).

Gypsies (Roma) are the only people in the whole region who go around doing this sort of thing. They are the prime cause of rail accidents in Romania because they keep stealing the tracks, a gang of 20+ was caught in Italy stealing the copper wire that ran the signalling sytem of their railways (several containers of wire were found destined for China). Other countries in the region have had to find expensive and not as efficient alternatives to copper because the Roma keep stealing anything useful as scrap.

The Roma have a bad name because they are thieving bstards. FACT. The problem is that culturally, for them to steal from a non-Roma is not a crime. Why? Because they have been shat on for so long by all the non-gypsy people that they feel it is only fair. Having seen (firsthand) how they are treated in Hungary, Slovakia, Kosovo and Serbia I cannot say that I blame them!

Who is stealing the bronze statues in the UK? 99% probability of a Pikey. 70:30 that the Pikey is from Central Europe, though the Pikeys I know in the UK would never commit such an act.

And before any cnuts get in a twizzle about calling them Pikeys, that is what they are, and the ones I know are not offended by it at all (it is what the UK ones call themselves, and is not an insult, and no, they do not use it as blacks use the word n***er).
Well said Dread.
but the "travelling community" are not SE European. They are 99% Irish or British. The gypsies selling the Big Issue, Roses in pubs or begging are not Romanians but Romany - a totaly different social and ethnic group.

I agree that this sort of crime is disgraceful. I willingly would do time if I saw an act in progress - no hesitation, but I will not stand by and allow blind hatred by the ignorant either!
Just to add to Dread's words.

This is neither racist nor is it a slur upon the entire Roma community. It is simply a true story that can be used as anecdotal evidence.

Recently, my landlord converted the basement garage into a hairdressing salon for his sister-in-law. To that end, there is now a pile of 'junk' in the back yard consisting of, but not limited to, heavy metal garage doors, metal drain grates, assorted metal pipework etc etc. This collection is not visible to the general public from the quiet residential street out front. To know of it's existance requires the deliberate encroachment onto private property for nefarious reasons.

This morning, I heard strange sounds outside. In broad daylight three swarthy chaps were manhandling one of the ex-garage doors down the path! Completely unashamed, when queried - that's polite for what the fcuk are you up to - they responded that, and I quote, "since nobody is using the stuff, we thought we would do you a favour by clearing it away."

I'm in Belgrade, and as you may have guessed, the swarthy chaps were Roma. They did not appear to have any understanding of the words, 'private property'.

Who nicked the nuneaton figure? God knows! But stating a very real possibility is not racist in my opinion.

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