War memorial relocated

The locals are not happy as their town has been undergoing demolishion since 2008 to make wary for expansion of Antwerp port.


The smurf outrage about the memorial is just the latest throw by the locals in their objection to the expansion and demolishing of the town.
do a nice line in handguns from what I'm told

is this in the naffi bollocks twatting mayor just to be safe
Makes you wonder really. very sad indeed.
Makes you wonder really. very sad indeed.

Why sad? the Local memorial here in the village was moved as it was originally sited in the arrse end of nowhere. Now at least it is accessible. what is sad however is that when I went on the 11th of Nov last year the only people who were in attendance were the teachers and pupils from the local primary school. Now that is both poignant and sad.
Makes you wonder really. very sad indeed.
Would you rather they leave it were it is and it ends up at the bottom of the Schelde estuary?
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