War Memorial Plaques - "Stolen For Bronze"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by diehard57, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. BBC News

    It's official - the Unterclass have taken over the asylum. :x
  2. Quite disgusting, I wonder if the theives have actually got any serving family members or veterans within their family. This is yet another display of the culture in which a minor few in britain has resorted to.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Execute the fcukers. Thieving gypo cnuts.
  4. Sounds like pikeys alright, feed them paraquat
  5. Nothing should surprise us. Let's not kid ourselves that if the thieves are caught, that their "punishment" will in anyway reflect public feeling over the nature of the theft either.
  6. If only that were true, tragically I just don't think that's the case anymore as far as the law is concerned. Community service and a fine at worst.
    The names on those plaques must be hanging low with sadness at what their sacfrifices have achieved. I know mine is.
  7. Why am I not surprised?Just when we thought that some people could not sink any lower,someone goes out of their way to prove us wrong. :x
  8. The War Memorial in Hull had its bronze rifles stolen a few years ago. It has now been replaced with non metallic ones to deter thieves.

  9. It is outrageous, I hope that there is some record of the names so that they can be replaced - hopefully name plates with something radio active or poisenous so that the next theiving cntus suffer extreme pain as they should.
  10. And absolutely feck all would be done to them if caught, shisters the lot of them. Double tap to the back of the head is needed with vermin like these.
  11. Absolutely disgusting. If caught only one option "kneel down, face the ditch."
  12. This sort of thing was a problem in the US a year (and more) ago when copper was about $8000 a ton. The problem seemed to go away when copper dropped to $3000 (along with police action against the scap yards that buy it). Plaques off of buildings and memorials were part of it but in my city about 80 of the sprinkler fittings on buildings had been stolen. In one case several hundred feet of ornate bronze railing dating to 1909 was stolen from a bridge under repair. Now that copper has bounced back to $6000 per ton the problem is back somewhat here.

    The thieves would not take it if there was no one to buy it. If the police lock up a few scrap dealers the problem will disapear.

    On a happier note, last year during the peak of the copper theft season there were a couple of incidents here in the Boston area. In both cases the thieves had decided to supplement their unemployment benefits by stealing copper cable from electric company substations. They thought the substations were not used and the cables were dead. Three thieves were wrong, dead wrong as they cut into 13kV cables. Are you British sorts familiar with the term "crispy critters". In one case the mother of an "urban youth" (think "chav" but darker skinned and baggier jeans) threatened to sue the electric company!! She didn't though. It does bring a smile to your face to think of it.