War memorial issue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Darthspud, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. The County Chairman of Somerset TRBL was recently asked to ‘appear’ on the local BBC to give the RBL perspective on the following.

    A very worthy lady from a village just outside Bristol wants to erect a War Memorial and expects TRBL to pay for it.
    1) We (RBL) don’t pay for War Memorials
    2) We aren’t allowed to pay for their upkeep
    3) The ‘village ‘ didn’t exist until 2500 or more homes were built in the 1960’s
    4) There were three cottages and a postbox in the general area until the new builds in the 60’s
    5) The ‘Village’ has no WAR DEAD to nessicitate a memorial
    Is she merely misguided?
    Or angling for recognition?
  2. Historically the majority, if not all, local memorials were paid for by public subscription. Perhap's she would have been better asking the RBL if they could lend her some collecting boxes.
  3. I have yet to hear of a war memorial erected in the memory of no-one.
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  4. Poppy Appeal collecting tins and year round tins are solely for the benefit of the Poppy Appeal, so that'd be a non-starter TM.
    Even at a County Show the buckets we collect with are for the Poppy Appeal unless otherwise labelled.
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  5. J_P,
    I'm told she wants it as a focus for Remembrance in the new village come November, rather than traipsing into central Bristol.
  6. Has to go through the Parish Council who will seek the opinion of the local RBL and other stakeholders as to whether there should be one.

    If this opinion is yes then a plan on how to raise the funds to pay for it will be developed, or representation can be made to the local council.

    Once is is funded built and adopted the upkeep falls on the local council. This could as little though as picking up the litter around it and cutting the weeds back before remembrance Sunday.

    I usually had to give them a ring to do my local one. One year the local jobs worth said there was no funding so it wouldn't be done.
    A swift call to the paper and the local RBL and the provision of two WW2 vets with significant racks stood in front of an unkempt memorial made for a good article in the paper where jobs worth got a star mention. They were round to do it the next day......
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  7. I know the Watchet War Memorial fund has taken 2-3 years to raise 15k and not one penny has come from RBL coffers. They aren't allowed to under the terms of the Royal Charter which they must adhere to.
    TRBL are the Nations Guardians of Remembrance, just don't expect them to pay for it. The money is better used helping the living than spent on (in this case) a stone memorial.
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  8. oldbaldy

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  9. oldbaldy

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    RBL (as was) were never the ones paying for memorials, as others have said they were paid by local subscription.
    Most were built in the early 20s and as RBl weren't formed until May 1921 they would not have been involved.
    As others have said memorials 'belong' to whichever council they are located in, TRBL only being custodians of rememberance, which means, of course the councils consult them or TRBL give them a kick if they fall down on the job.
  10. The local church will incorporate it into their service anyway. If wreaths are to be laid are there is no memorial they do it at the flagpole which is of course flying a Union flag.
  11. Just up herself and wants her name known.

    I think, as turret monsters says, they are all paid for by public subscription at the end of hostilities by the family and friends of the fallen of the parish
  12. Nobbyd,

    I'm pretty sure that's how i briefed the County Chairman prior to the radio interview.
    But as OldBaldy linked, this lady and the councillor are getting stick from local and national press for
    1- trying to get a war memorial for no one
    2 - putting it on pillars outside a large number of fast food outlets.

    I'd hope the instigators of this ludicrous idea went to their local parish church and asked to take part in Remembrancetide service there or wherever they hold the local service..
  13. A Parish Councillor writes:

    This woman is full of it and doesn't know what she is talking about.
    My village war memorial was paid for by public conscription in 1920. It was built to mark the sacrifice of the 35 local lads who didn't come home in 1918 - not for the self publicly of a local big mouth.

    It was renovated in 1960 - again paid for by the village and we're sprucing it up in time for next year, again paid for by the public and few generous and public spirited local businesses.

    The RBL have never paid, nor would we want them too, or should they have to.
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  14. The local Parish Church almost certainly has a memorial of some sort naming those of the Parish who served and/or did not return It may of course be a "Blessed" (Thankful) Village. Even if it was it probably has a plaque telling us this.

    On Remembrance Day interdenominational services are commonly the practice.

    As someone has said the majority of village memorials were erected in the aftermath of WW1. This was a traumatic time for those parents who had lost two, or even three, sons in the carnage of the previous years. We of today will never, I trust, see anything like that again. My (small) village lost three pairs of brothers - some were cousins - in that conflict.

    A lych gate (sorry Oldbaldy the word is "lych"), at the gate of the Parish Church may be a solution. Or simply placing a little garden by a flagpole in some suitable location. However the primary cost must be by public subscription. Otherwise it means nothing and becomes just more street furniture provided from the pocket of the tax-payer.

    However my own view is that Remembrance is personal. I will remember my dead comrades just as readily in a garden or on a quiet hillside.
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  15. oldbaldy

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