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As you all know while we are members of the British Army (ask the CO if unsure!) the OTC is a great opportunity to do some warry stuff which you can never get away with is the regular army Has anyone got any good unconventional OTC war stories that defy military orthodoxy, come on there is a budding Rambo in everyone! Personally I've done drive bys, mad landrover fibua, SA80s John Woo style and Tunnel fighting...

If no one replies I'll just keep on inserting my own until I get bored!
Mobile smoke screen off the back of a lannie. Good plan till the smoke all came in the back and we ended up driving away with the front doors open so we wouldn't choke.


War Hero
I did a "drive by" in a shopping trolley once :D
putting smoke in the OC's landrover?
Just the usual John Woo Sa80 stuff as mentioned before, although I did accidentally once attack an RAF Regiment section that came patrolling across where I was lying in wait for some ccf cadets..2 smokers and 6 mags later I realised they werent firing back..oops
Best attack on a position I ever did was a solo effort against a Sangar while on ROTC. Just like that Lt in Band of Brothers does when they attack Carentan (The guy runs across a road firing from the hip at an MG position and chucks the grenade in the second before he hits the deck in front of the bunker). Half the Squad when I did it got mowed down as they approached from the front of this bunker and MILES gear was bleeping like demented car alarms. My squad leader (being invincible) led us around the flank and pointed me and my buddy Barry (White) attacked. Realising that my partner had no concept of fire and manouevre ('Cover me', 'Got you covered' ...then runs straight after you) I just though that there was never going to be an opportunity to do anything like this again, so M16 full auto, fresh mag on, jumped up, ran across this road gun blazing at this sand bagged all round position. While Barry and most other people had got hit I just ran in and in the seconds before I reached it I retrieved the grenade from my webbing, cooked it off, shouted frag out gently lobbed the grenade and in the same move hit the deck next to the sand bag wall while inside I heard an 'oww' as the 240 Bravo (Gimpy) gunner Opfor had a dense grenade shaped ball of plastic land on his back. Then up again, quick buzz of auto and jump in comically over the top with the Bayonet.

Sounds gay and unrealistic to you? Well it rocked and the yanks and DS loved it in spite of the stupid fact that it may not have worked in real life with depth positions nearby.

Next time....me and my M60...
I ended up doing almost exactly the same thing while over there. Shouting "Move" to my battle buddy he remained cowering behind a tree claiming he'd be shot. So ran like a loon and killed them all! Daft yanks.
Best weapon I ever saw used was the M60 in reacting to an ambush, my mate blazed away 200 rounds in minutes to get the remains of out platoon into the enemy's positions.
The worst weapon I ever used (or saw used) M60. Swapped onto No1 on the gun and had a keen guy as my No2. Had about 20 rounds left and was itching to use them! Enemy turned up to raid our harbour so I rocked the cocking handle to the rear and forward, felt the adrenalin rush, raised the weapon on the bipod and pointed it at the nearest floppy hatted artillerist and pressed the trigger...nothing happened, apply IA, beeeeeeeppppppp. I get slotted (expletives deleted) my No 2 being the god he was gave me his weapon key reincarnating me and again I prepare to expend all remaining munitions....pull the trigger and the only thing to happen is the pistol grip comes away in my hand!!!!! At this point I gave up and took my No 2's M16 and gave the enemy rock all from that to release my anger.
I've also seen and heard many NDs from them and one weapon self implode (internal working parts scattered inside the weapon) when firing a few rounds!

No wonder they call it the pig and have since purchased the 240 Bravo (GPMG with a little extra plastic)

Give that a thought next time you see them brassing up jungles in Nam Movies!
excuse my ignorance but OTC stands for what? am assuming ACF is Army Cadet Force?

Me and an oppo were standing on the rear bufferettes on a long wheelbased LR in Wegberg training area with the rest of the section in the wagon holding on to our webbing and we charged at a road block with me and my oppo firing our LSWs resting on the canvas. no Miles gear in them days but the umpire was suitably impresses and said the road block defending force were to consider themselves brown bread. best part was my empties gave my oppo a few burns and scratches. Not bad for a couple of signallers.

RARO_Reject said:

the OTC is the equivalent to the URNU

(if you don't know what the URNU is then fcuk off back to the SCC Forum where you belong)
Thanks for that, I understand now, I get lost with all these "TLA's"
And doooooo have a pleasant weekend won't you RARO_Reject?

RARO, Kebab, Monk, Chickenpunk, what do you expect an OTC forum to contain? Knitting patterns??? Intellectual debate (Sorry guys am I using words that are too long for you?)

I'm well aware that the OTC doesn't get deployed (though it has it's fair share of vets) and while it has been good fun I'm aware that it is playing as opposed to doing. If you want stories by big burly men in boots who have been exotic places I suggest you read the infantry board's exciting stories! (well if you want to read exciting stuff start a thread and type stuff).
I suggested this topic because noone else seemed to be writing stuff and after all it is designed to be read by OTC/ACF not battle hardened regulars with too much time on their hands that they choose to look up what exciting stuff the OTC can get away with.


(Semantics though it may be but I would suggest that there is quite a difference between 'war-like' and 'warry'.)

As for me because of this I'm off to become a paid up member of the General Service Corps as of Monday morning... GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDBBBYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
excuse my ignorance but OTC stands for what?
Officer Training Corps; 'TA'-like units attached to universities as obviously only university-caliber people can expect to be officers :p . Therefore the cadets are made up of mostly university students; so triple-damned by the regs :) And this thread certainly won't help them gain any respect... ;)
They are also the ones who get drunk from a shandy and seem to find shouting strap on at some poor Junior lad in their 'prestigious' organisation followed by loud commentry about how they don't have to "fing do PT as it's too early" in front of Colonels is a good idea.

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