War letters discovered.

We had some work done in this ( old 1934) house a while back during which letters between a son & mother ( 1942/3) were discovered under layers of clinker & ash which seemed to pass for period soundproofing.

I have name, rank & serial number and his base address at Marne Lines in (of course) Catterick.
He was Royal Signals of H.Q. Coy.
I've scanned them for part of the house's "history", but seek to try and return them to possible living relatives.
There are quite a few Armour Div." HQ's as the professionals here will know.

Equally, I don't feel inclined to waste a lot of time hitting brick walls, and possibly the last one will be in these days of privacy protection the final potential wall of DPA. I'd like frank opinions of whether it's an exercise of futility, or if there is a mechanism to see it through. Many thanks for reading, and any constructive advice will be well received.

Oddly, my son was L/cpl also based at Marne. Small world.
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