War in Roman Myth and Legend by Paul Chrystal

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Paul Chrystal studied Latin and Greek at the University of Hull and then specialized in Latin Poetry for his MPhil at the University of Southampton. He is the author of numerous classical books, including Rome; Republic to Empire, Roman Military Disasters and Women at War in the Classical World. He has contributed, as a feature writer to the Daily Express, BBC History Magazine, Ad Familiares, Minerva, All about History, and is frequently on BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Tees, BBC Radio Manchester and BBC World Service. He is a reviewer for and contributor to Classics for All. He lives in York where he is History Editor for the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal.

Crystal has put a lot of research and effort into this book, basing his narrative on the plentiful primary and secondary written sources; interspersing this with visual evidence from art or archaeology. He presents a straightforward and informative account, accentuating his words with interesting anecdotes and useful illustrations; rather than overwhelming the reader with abstract reasoning or academic debate.


The detail in Chrystal's work gives us a study that is remarkable for it's minutiae and scope. His analytical skills, backed up with excellent referencing gives us a work of considerable insight and knowledge that cannot be ignored by anyone with an interest in ancient warfare.

This book gives us 210 pages packed with information, detail and fact. Divided into thirteen major chapters and ten Appendix, there is much here for the amateur and professional historian alike. The 43 full colour plates in the book's centre add flesh to the bones of the prose put forward by a knowledgeable author.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the time period.


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