War In Peace

My local library used to have a publication called War In Peace, about post WW2 conflicts. It was published in 1985, and the preceding 40 years filled twelve volumes. Apart from conflicts it covered the Cold War, politics and doctrine, and technologies - if fact many so called key weapons were mentioned in depth.

How many volumes would the years after 1985 fill? The world's a completely different place now. What would the authors have made of the end of the Cold War, being replaced almost immediately with Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, then a decade of tragedy in the Balkans? Or the changes in Northern Ireland? Or the post Cold War cuts, the so called peace dividend, despite the fact peace never arrived? How about the horrors of 9/11 and the ongoing struggle against Al Qaeda?

What would they make of the SDR in 1998? Hoon's cuts in 2004? More recent cuts?

As for key weapons (sic) things like stealth technology would be covered, as would specific aircraft types like F117A or B2, or Typhoon or F22 - perhaps even F35 although it hasn't been built in large numbers yet. What about the new armoured vehicles our forces use?

What about things like the internet or mobile communications, which are all involved in operations now?

I remember that although specific vehicles, small arms and aircraft got articles, specific warship classes did not, although they did mention US Super Carriers, amphibious ships, nuclear submarines, diesel submarines, NATO frigates, destroyers, and so on, were discussed. Would more room allow for specific ship classes to be featured - and if so which ones? The Nimitz class carriers of the US Navy certainly, but what about the preceding oil powered carriers which saw service in Vietnam and the Cold War (not to mention the Gulf etc)? How about the US Invincible class small carriers - although to be fair, it was/is the aircraft that made them key assets. The Harrier/Sea Harrier, the latter sadly now axed as discussed at great length here, did get an article, rightly so in view of the Falklands experience.

I think that anyone looking to write more volumes, covering the years from 1985 to now, would have plenty to write about.
Got the hardback book 'compilation' of this magazine for xmas back in the day (may well have been '85) and its been gathering dust on a bookshelf for a few years at least - going to dig it out for a browse after reading this post. It obviously had to cherry pick from many mags but is a hefty old volume in itself - just googled/Amazon'ed it and can't find a picture to post. The front cover is of US Marines in Vietnam (Hue?). Worth picking up if seen in Oxfam etc
I wonder what the library did with it? Perhaps I should ask?

Anyway, what other suggestions do people have for post 1985 events, or other key weapons and issues?

Don't know if it fits your parameters but I would have thought the single most important change through the whole period, and not just since 1985, has been the development of sub launched nuclear ballistic missiles.

They have progressed from being an area weapon useful only in second strike to the primary first strike weapon with incredible accuracy thereby being capable of attacking hardened sites.
The improved accuracy of Trident D5 (and similar) you mean? I guess it was relevent to the last few years of Cold War. I meant things like Steath, UAVs, the use of advanced manned ISTAR aircraft like JSTARS or our own ASTOR, a lot of network centric stuff, the use of SAMs and even anti ship missiles by terrorists acting as proxies for certain states, the emergence of suicide bombing as a tactic, that sort of thing.
I started collecting it, they had an issue on the bombing of the King David hotel in Jeruselem amongst others.

Nowadays we don't have wars, so I'd go for Falklands, Iraq, Kosovo, Iraq again and pretty much anything ex CND member Mr blair has visited. How many wars has he started? Adolf must be in auto gyration by now.

Then there were the troubles in N.I

Currently Thailand.

Korea may kick off again, but that was only a police action.
It covered pretty much everything from VJ day until 1985. And politics, doctrine, technologies....
The main big thing IMHO would be the rise and rise of China.

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