War in Pakistan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Punk_trooper, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody reckon we'll end up getting involved in Pakistan if it escalates out of their governments control??
  2. No. We'll have enough on our plate with the paki extremists over here if it kicks off.
  3. The reason for no is probaly more to do with the British Raj. We are as likely to appear in Pakiland as we are Mongrael. British partitioning! The phucking worst in the world.

    Isn't this too serious a subject for NAAFI? Here's a picture of a down syndrome to balance the debate:

  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My bold.

    Are you sure about that? Imagine the state India would be in now if we HADN'T partitioned the place? The 'bit in the middle' notwithstanding, I think that the partitioning of India went as well as anyone could have hoped and has avoided what I reckon might have turned into some kind of Hutu/Tutsi style pogroming by now if we hadn't done it. As for the 'bit in the middle' - well, if it hadn't been for a place like that in which both sides could 'let off a little steam', then they'd have done it in each other's bits.

    Now the only problem we have as far as the billion+ Indians and Pakistanis are concerned is the much lower population Pakistani bit.

    That is my highly interlectual and well-thought pronouncement on the subject.

    That and 'MLARRRRRRR' :twisted:
  5. Riots in Bradford that will be a bunch of fun over the summer.
  6. Some Curry Houses may charge more for poppadoms.
  7. Plus you'll get spit, shitt or spunk in every curry, not just the ones where you upset someone..........

    ........and no, it doesn't all add to the flavour. Give me a nice Chicken Korai any day, without added flavouring!!

    As for Pakiland, I think you'll find current thinking is more a case of 'when' not 'if'.
  8. In my opinion, yes. Unless Britain will develop foreign policies independent of the US.
  9. Do they have Nukes?
    If not we should give them some and let them use them on each other?


    tell China that India called its mam a puff!

    Mongs are funny!
  10. we'll get in there, find ourselves hopelessly overstretched, fight for a bit and use the yanks to get everything we need then pull out phase by phase as we "let the local gov't troops take control" which basicly means the gov't has tried to act like a Bulldog by rushing to fight and ended up getting a spanking because its been done so badly and there are so few troops and resources.

    just my 2 pence as the saying goes
  11. is this you & your husband?
    oo, don't you look a pretty girl in your dress
    you can't see your nappy under it at all
    jelly & ice cream wedding cake was it?
    must have been hard not to eat the flowers
  12. Cue Jarrod ordering a lifetime's supply of chicken korma......
  13. As if we don't already have SF units on the ground keeping an eye on the nuke assets already. Any sign of the Taliban getting close they will call in the air strikes. After we have destroyed Pakistan's nuclear capacity we have no need to worry what happens in the country.

    She got a cute little mouth !!!!!
  15. we are already involved, almost half of pakistans educated population live in this country.