War in Iraq: One Year Later

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HighPriestess, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. Cpl. Stephen John Allbutt
    Sapper Luke Allsopp
    Cpl. Russell Aston
    Fusilier Russell Beeston
    Lance Cpl. Shaun Andrew Brierley
    Colour Sgt. John Cecil
    Trooper David Jeffrey Clarke
    Lance Cpl. Andrew Jason Craw
    Staff Sgt. Simon Cullingworth
    Lt. Philip D. Green
    Capt. Philip Stuart Guy
    Sgt. Simon Alexander Hamilton- Jewell
    Leonard Harvey
    Sgt. Les Hehir
    Lance Cpl. Matty Hull
    Lance Cpl. Benjamin John McGowan Hyde
    Capt. David Jones
    Pvt. Andrew Joseph Kelly
    Lance Cpl. Thomas Richard Keys
    Lt. Antony King
    Lt. Marc A. Lawrence
    Capt. James Linton
    Cpl. Paul Graham Long
    Christopher R. Maddison
    Flight Lt. Kevin Barry Main
    Lance Cpl. Ian Keith Malone
    Lance Cpl. James McCue
    Staff Sgt. Chris Muir
    Sgt. John Nightingale
    Sgt. Norman Patterson
    Cpl. Ian Plank
    Cpl. Dewi Pritchard
    Gunner Duncan Geoffrey Pritchard
    Sgt. Steven Mark Roberts
    Mechanic (Comm.) Second Class Ian Seymour
    Lance Cpl. Karl Shearer
    Cpl. David John Shepherd
    Pvt. Jason Smith
    Maj. James Stenner
    Lance Cpl. Barry 'Baz' Stephen
    Warrant Officer Second Class Mark Stratford
    Sapper Robert Thomson
    Maj. Matthew Titchener
    Fusilier Kelan John Turrington
    Lt. Alexander Tweedie
    Warrant Officer Colin Wall
    Maj. Jason Ward
    Lt. Philip West
    Flight Lt. David Rhys Williams
    Lt. James Williams
    Lt. Andrew S. Wilson
    Rifleman Vincent Calvin Windsor

  2. Rest in peace, we remember you.
  3. Blessed,

    Fallen Heroes, each and everyone, who now walk with the Angels and watch over all of us.

    May we forever cherish them and their sacrifice. As we say here in the USA:

    "All Gave Some, Some Gave ALL!"

  4. RIP
    may your families and comrades find peace and comfort.
  5. Thank you

    Exemplo Ducemus
  6. And now added two years later.....

    Corporal Richard Ivell, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
    Fusilier Gordon Gentle, Royal Highland Fusiliers
    Flight Lieutenant Kristian Gover, 33 Squadron RAF
    Private Christopher Rayment, Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment
    Private Lee O'Callaghan, Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment
    Private Marc Ferns, The Black Watch
    Lance Corporal Paul Thomas, The Light Infantry
    Fusilier Stephen Jones, The Royal Welch Fusiliers
    Corporal Marc Taylor, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
    Gunner David Lawrence, Royal Artillery
    Private Kevin McHale, The Black Watch
    Staff Sergeant Denise Michelle Rose, Royal Military Police
    Sergeant Stuart Gray, The Black Watch
    Private Paul Lowe, The Black Watch
    Private Scott McArdle, The Black Watch
    Private Pita Tukutukuwaqa, The Black Watch
    Acting Chief Petty Officer Simon Roger Owen
    Sergeant Paul Connolly, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
    Squadron Leader Patrick Marshall, Headquarters Strike Command
    Flight Lieutenant David Stead, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham
    Flight Lieutenant Andrew Smith, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham
    Flight Lieutenant Paul Pardoel, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham
    Master Engineer Gary Nicholson, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham
    Chief Technician Richard Brown, RAF Lyneham
    Flight Sergeant Mark Gibson, 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham
    Sergeant Robert O'Connor, RAF Lyneham
    Corporal David Williams, RAF Lyneham
    Acting Lance Corporal Steven Jones, Royal Signals

  7. thanks bbc. nice to mark the occasion with a rememberance for those who gave their lives.

    May they have a peaceful life on the otherside

  8. Rest In Pease. You gave everything.

    Enough is enough!

    Please stop this Mr Blair!
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Go well lads.
  10. http://www.militarycity.com/valor/


    A poem by Peter S. Griffin

    Death found us, on the battlefields of freedom,
    Duty, Honor, Country, the noblest of reasons....
    Fallen Screaming Eagles, we paid the toll,
    Our sacrifices, etched, forever, on our souls....

    Engaging battle, from the sky,
    Looking death, straight in the eye....
    We feared no enemy, on this earth,
    On righteousness, Fallen Screaming Eagles perch....

    Now we lay silent, in fields of green,
    Our children, in FREEDOM, frolic in our dreams....
    Eternal peace, granted, by a loving God,
    Our highest decoration, the FORGET-ME-NOT, to cover our sod....
  11. A shameful complete and utter waste of life. Killed purely because of the vanity of Mr Blair. Through no fault of their own, I fear they died in vain.

    God bless them and rest their souls.

    Pristinae virtutis memor.