War heros daughter facing arrest for tackling yobs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Weissbier, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. From the Daily Mail 27/12/2007

    War hero's daughter facing arrest for tackling yobs who 'trashed war memorial'


    When she spotted yobs vandalising a war memorial garden, Julie Lake sprang into action.

    As the daughter of a Second World War RAF pilot – and granddaughter of one of the fallen in the 1914-18 war – she felt it was her duty to intervene. But, after giving the main culprit a talking- to and a 'cuff round the ear', she finds herself facing the prospect of being arrested for assault.

    Yesterday Mrs Lake accused police of failing to follow up her complaints about graffiti and other hooliganism in the memorial garden.

    Julie Lake was upset at the constant defacing of the memorial

    "The memorial is a sacred place – it's like a grave," said the 50-year-old.

    "How dare these youngsters tarnish the memories of those who made a sacrifice for future generations?

    "I've called the police and I've tried to talk to these kids, but I've got nowhere.

    "I lost my temper in complete frustration after two years of patiently trying to get something done and immediately the police are after me. It's ridiculous.

    "I did not go up to these boys intending to hit anyone but they when they started shouting abuse at me and my husband, Peter, who is recovering from cancer, I just snapped."

    She said that 15 youths surrounded her and mockingly asked if her husband, who was in their car, was going to rescue her.

    "I saw red and gave the ringleader a slap on the cheek," she added. "He was just laughing and said 'That's assault'.

    "Then they took my car registration and rang the police. They all know their rights, they just don't care about anyone else's."

    She said many of the older residents of her village – Mangotsfield near Bristol – were too scared to venture out at night because of the yobs.

    Gangs of teenagers wearing hooded tops have carried out a series of attacks on the pretty memorial garden with its sombre stone cross.

    They have daubed offensive graffiti on the stone, ridden their bikes over wreaths and carved their names into wooden benches.

    A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police confirmed the force is investigating an alleged assault on a 15- year-old boy.

    He admitted however that Mangotsfield has a problem with youth vandalism.

    Inspector Gus Krouwel said: 'Neighbourhood police regularly receive complaints about groups of around eight young people gathering by the war memorial, drinking and leaving litter.

    "I do appreciate that people may get frustrated with this sort of situation but the appropriate response is to work with agencies like the police and local authority to find solutions."

    Mrs Lake will voluntarily attend a police station next month to be formally arrested. She could be charged with assault which carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison or a £5,000 fine.

    But she said she was prepared to take any punishment she is given to make a point about the effects of anti-social behaviour.

    "The yobs have stopped going to the war memorial as much – but this is what it has taken," she said.

    "I'll go to prison if I have to, because this is not about me, it is about the whole community who are scared to leave their homes.

    "I know the lad I got hold of was the most persistent offender.

    "I gave him what the police would call a cuff round the ear and threw his bike into the ground."

    Mrs Lake, who works in sales, said the example of her father, who was based in wartime South Africa, had inspired her to take action.

    She said: "My father and grandfather serving in the forces have made me very passionate about honouring our soldiers and what they sacrificed.

    "My family told me never to shrink from a challenge and although I don't condone what I did, I hope some good comes out of it."

    Mrs Lake's 63-year-old husband, a retired airman, also lost a grandfather in the First World War.
  2. How feckin typical, arrest the low-threat do-gooder rather than face the sh1tty worthless waste-of-organs feckin scrote b@stards.
  3. So the old girl complains for 2 years (2 FUCKING YEARS) but this is not seen as enough by Inspector Plods Wallop Krouwel?

    Mr Krouwell (not Inspector because that would mean I have some respect for you or your useless force), you do not appreciate the fact that people get a little frustrated of this situation at all, if you did you would have acted within those 2 years.

    Perhaps the MOD would like to take ownership of all War Memorials in this country. Then anyone abusing them would come under Military Justice or any Squaddie walking past could kick the feck out of the little scum bags and ensure they start earning respect.

    As for the Avon and Somerset Police Service... I think its about time you got of your fat lardy arrses and did something.

  4. Whilst I deplore the actions of the youths involved and agree that the response, or more accurately, the lack of a Police response is lamentable, I regret that my take on the events as they have been reported are not likely to prove to be very popular.

    I agree that the police should of reacted to every reported incident of damage being caused to/or anti social behaviour being committed in the vacinity of the war memorial.

    Whether we like it or not the Police do not have the resources to turn out to every incident, as a priority, such as this. I agree with all of you and can hear the comments made by fellow arrsers as I write. It's not right and it's distasteful, but it's a fact.

    The current government will tell us that they are the party of law and order, having 'In real terms' increased the level of police officers, quoting a whole manner of statistics, if only to muddy the waters.

    But recently, a reduction in armed officers, the implimentation of even more target driven initiatives leaves the little manpower that the Police have, even less time to spend on the ground.

    I don't know if any of you saw the recent Panorama programme on that very subject. It was that sensitive that one of the Home Office ministers, McNulty, (I think) openly tried to ridicule this former Police Officer in the House of Commons. He later, had to retract his statement and apologise. It was therefore a bit of a sensitive issue.

    There is also a moritorium in many forces on recruitment.

    My local force in Yorkshire will take a 3% budget reduction this year, the fallout being that retiring police officers and those who discontinue their service for whatever reason, (Probably because they are fed up), will not be replaced for at least 12 months.

    I had personal experience of this inaction recently when three young men, (I am being very, very generous, in my description), tried to run me over, (For a laugh), whilst I was cycling back from the Gym one afternoon. They did so, so they could record the incident on a mobile telephone, presumably to put it on a website, such a youtube. (Although I have yet to find the footage).

    I telephoned the police at the point of ridicule, and despite telling the operator that the men were still there, in the car and still posed a threat, I was informed that there were no officers immediately available. To try and go to a populated area and stay on the phone.

    I was not seen until the Thurday morning. (The incident happened on a Tuesday) and I had to go to the Police Station in person. None, (Police Officers) were available to come to me.

    It was explained to me by a senior officer, that other incidents at the time took priority. Was not happy, but how can you argue with that.

    I was not injured, (Except for my pride), so I took the explanation at face value.

    Until Policing in general becomes an election issue, nothing, IMHO, it is not going to change.

    As usual, the Police are too blame. No mention of the kids parents, or the off licence who probably sold them booze, spray cans, and god know's whatever else.

    No mention either of follow up visits which would of been made by the Neighbourhood Team. Albeit late, but better late than never. I am sorry, I do not believe that no Police involvement took place over a period of two years.

    The lack of such support, would of only have gone unreported in an account written by a journalist, who probably for the right reasons (Highlighting, the pensioners plight), felt that the incident would benefit from a little artists licence or 'under reporting'. We see that in every paper, everyday about our colleagues in the Armed Forces.

    This brave lady, who lets not forget heralds from a different era, and has the memories of her ancestors to protect, would be used to a time when a good crack round the ear was considered appropriate. Unfortunately, in todays world, such behaviour is not tolerated.

    Should it be allowed, to my mind yes, but that view is out of date and is also pointless, because it is no longer tolerated. Parents in my view should shoulder a lot of the blame, but that's another story. No one can shout, or even look at a child/kid/youth in a sideways manner nowheredays, without the offsprings parents becoming a human version of 'Alien'. In the old days and we have all heard the tales, the parents used to repeat the smack for coming to someones attention.

    Had I picked up my bike, at the time of my incident, thrown it at the car and battered all three of them, I would of been arrested too. That's what stopped me in my tracks. In other words, in a split second I considered an action and realised the potential consequences. I am of course from a different generation.

    The police, who we as members of the general public, ask to be impartial, have to act on the information available to them, particularly when they were not there to witness the incident. (I know that's a mute point, as they did not turn up, but...)

    I know from experience, that Police Officers used to be able to say to individuals, "you hit him, he hit you, we have a choice, we report you both for assault, or you both go home and forget about it".

    People used to choose the latter, until one day people started to come back and say no I wan't to make a complaint and then complain about the inaction of the officer concerned. Despite the fact he had used his own judgement, (Discretion), he would then have a complaint made against him, for not following the complaints properly. There ended the discretion.

    Anyway in ending, would I liked to of seen the Lady hit the Chav, your damn right. Do I think she was right, no I don't. But I think given the circumstances she will not be hard done by.

    And before anyone asks I am not a Police Officer, (Although I hope to be) and until you as members of the public start demanding the Police Service you deserve, as you do on so many other subjects on this site.

    You will get the service you deserve. Now logging off before my computer blows up from the incoming.
  5. Simple, give the Police power to impose on the spot fines, payable immediately. If the young scrote doesn't have the cash right away then they are arrested until someone else comes up with their fine. All money taken in goes back into the Force. Give the Police power to give appropriate physical punishment to unruly youths, make the parents of under 16s financially responsible for their behaviour. If they vandalise something, then the cash for repairs comes out of their parent swages or benefits. Persistant offenders have benefits stopped or wages witheld and an allowance given for basic living expenses.

    Basically stop pandering to the do gooder liberal brigade who blame crime on everything but the little sod commiting it.
  6. Well said.
  7. Notty, good and well thought out post, but here's where it gets a bit messy.
    In the 13 yrs since I left the Army, I have seen the police forces decimated by Govt bean counters. My first job after leaving was as a pub manager, so I was expecting to see plod at odd times during the day. But lo, the day I needed them, it took an hour for them to arrive, result - one totalled pub, totally trashed and this was after pressing panic alarms. My faith in the police has gone downhill since and to my amazement, a vast majority of people think the same. It doesn't matter how much we badger the powers that be to do something, it always boils down to finances and until this Govt actually releases the purse strings, the situation will remain the same. The Govt doesn't listen to the voting public until it comes to election time and then it promises the earth to win the election. Of course, once the election has been won, it's back to the same old story. Until money is plowed into the police, nothing is going to change. For this Govt to take notice of the general population, it needs a major kick up the arrse, something along the lines of the end of V for Vendetta, the public to rise up and face the police just to see how far they'd push it, imho, I reckon that the police would just cave in as the last thing they want on their conscience is more unwarranted bloodshed. Perhaps then things might start happening.
    If a coup were to be declared, I reckon that a few people would be leaving these shores and I'm not on about the indigenous population. Seeing benefits disappear before your face would have that kind of reaction and perhaps people would stop seeing this country for the soft touch it has become for one and all. The police need to pick themselves up and sort their priorities out and stop looking for an easy life and relying on various pieces of legislation to prevent them from doing the job they get paid for. And the soft headed liberals need to wake up and smell the coffee, get their collective heads out of their arrses and take a good look at what they have done to this once great country.

    Quote from V for Vendetta - "The people should not be afraid of their Govt, the Govt should be afraid of their people."
  8. Sorry mate, (For your pub that is), but as long as there is a standing government the Police (As is the Army), are duty bound to support it.

    A previous respondent alluded to showing no respect to the 'Inspector' cause it was of course his fault.

    I would say to everyone on this site, when they were/are employed in the Army if they would say anything other than the party line, when the press are involved. There are some nieve frackers around.

    I have no doubt that the 'Inspector' concerned would like to give the youths a smack himself, but given his employment, can't appear to condone any violence.

    In relation to 'Vigilantiasm', we are not, contrary to press reports living in the dark ages.

    In my previous job, (I was a Monkey), I am not ashamed of it, although others may be for me, (That's there problem not mine), I heard many people over nearly a quarter of a century say, that they were going wreak havok and revenge. I never saw it once.

    That tends to suggest that the threat of sanctions, inprisonment or otherwise, such as loss of earning or even respect/familly shame, are sufficient to deter people from acting in this manner.

    Unless you are an absolute nutter and don't car about the consequences or, you are operating in a lawless group, as people did in the Toxteth and Bradford riots. On my local news in the last 10 days they have reported that the final (200th), rioter has received a custodial sentance after handing himself in. (From Bradford). He clearly did not hand himself in cause his library ticket was due.

    My conclusion therefore, however flawed, is that the law, must work on some level.

    It ain't perfect, but it's what we have and until someone comes up with some utopia, or a different idea/solution, we will muddle through.
  9. Another good post, but the scum we are talking about here just laugh at the law and all it stands for. For every arrest that sees the light of day in a court, there are quite a few, that because of infringing their 'uman rights, innit guv", that escape through the net and end up re-commiting countless other crimes.
  10. You will allways have an element who don't subscribe to law and order. There has been some discussion on these very pages in recent days, about offenders, who deliberately offend, to be reunited with their comfort zone, (In prison).

    To my mind there is only one way to deal with particular group and that is to make prison less desirable. Like anything else in life market forces win hands down every time.

    Give them (In relative terms), a hotel and every Easter, Birthday, anniversary and Christmas, they will want to book a room. Give them a run down, half built villa on the Costa Del Sol, they will want their money back.

    In reallity, we will never revert back to the prisons of old, and this again may not be popular, but in the current climate, the but for the grace of .... go I, or one of my relatives/friends.

    I also believe and again this is contraversial, that in todays society, we have less life threatening things to worry about (In general), such as food and shelter, that we tend to not only as a Nation, but as a species focus on the less important things in life.

    I don't think Graffiti and yobs, is a problem of the Millenium. It's something every growing generation has to contend with. The difference is, it's now our time.

    More worryingly, my parents, aged between 60 and 73 are less supportive of the police than they ever where. But in reallity, they have had no direct contact with any member of the police service since about 20 years ago.

    The only conclusion I can draw from that, is that they glean their experience from the media.

    Which, given the lack of direct contact suggests the media have a lot to answer for.
  11. To be honest, the scum of this land will not learn a thing until prisons are actually made a deterrent. I don't remember seeing any legilation that says that they are not to be denied PS3s, Ipods and the such. Prison is a place with walls to keep them in, not a holiday camp. A roof and 3 meals a day are all these things deserve and nothing else, and sod their human rights, they gave up the right to be human when they commited these crimes
  12. I'm in total agreement with that thread, ALL coppers should be armed. I have 2 friends in the Met, one with 30 yrs service reduced to the CAD room due to an injury and the other with 3 yrs under his belt(after probation). The one with 3yrs has now found a niche in the Met, he gets to knock on people's doors with a big red key in his hand, dragging people out of their home, throwing them in a van and driving them to the nearest deportation centre. The older one used to be SPG back in the day and loved every minute of it. 2 guys,different backgrounds doing the job they love and both agree that arming is the way forward, especially in this present climate, when you can never be sure what is going to happen to you on the streets.
  13. The law only applies to those with the most to lose: job, mortgage etc. Those who desecrate war memorials don't give a shyte. They don't have jobs and mortgages and thus the law does not apply to them. Unfortunately, these cnuts know exactly how the system is loaded in their favour and they play it perfectly - and the police (having to be impartial) fall straight in to their little game trap every time, common sense being inadmissible. The only thing is that this inadvertently shows the police in a non-impartial light - showing them to be on-side with the scum who don't work, contribute tax and actually pay the police's wages oddly enough. What a fcuking mess.

    Crap like this shouldn't get anywhere near the CPS - never mind go to court. A senior officer should make a command decision there and then, circumventing the laborious and expensive prosecution route. I would like to think that ANY senior officer worthy of the uniform would take the word of a MOP rather than some 15 year old chav tw@t stinking of White Lightning. Or am I being simplistic?
  14. remember folks.
    1-kick the chavs heads in.
    2-DENY IT.
    3-accuse them first-anything you like,however peodo and al queda spring to mind.
    4-start private proceeedings against scrotes for damages(one solicitor letter is enough)
    watch their case collapse.